SVT810 + 410HLF+HPF=?

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  1. Will an 810e coexist well (reinforce versus conflict) with a 410hlf if a high pass filter is used to tame the 410's lowest frequencies? Is there enough sound difference between the non-ported 10's and the ported 10's to make them incompatible? Anybody have experience with this?
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    The 410HLF has a significantly lower sensitivity than the 810e. You'd be wasting your time and effort to pair them, especially with a HPF IMO. Basically, you'd hardly notice the 410HLF is there.

    By all means, feel free to pair them. Try them with and without a HPF. See if you get any weird sound stuff going on or if you like the result. Phase issues don't hurt your equipment so you can look at it as a science experiment. ;)
  3. You'd also be feeding as much power to a 4x10 as to the 8x10, making the speakers in the former work harder for relatively little benefit.

    I mean, if you keep the output sensible, I doubt it'll hurt anything, but I don't really see the point, unless the 810 isn't doing enough, volume-wise, by itself.
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    Justin Meldal-Johnsen used to use a 410hlf and 810e together when he toured with Ima Robot. He loved it. But he also used separate amps for each cab, which helps greatly for mixing cabs.