svtcl and 810 issue?

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  1. hey guys i have an ampeg svtcl and an ampeg svt810 and lately ive been going for more of a tube driven sound. kinda p bass with a pick tone but really pushing the power section to get the grit i want. the bass i use is a mia p with quarter pounders and no matter what i set the bass on the amp at it farts. the settings on my amp are flat except a little added treble. the gain is on 3 and the master is on 7. is it my cab thats clipping or is it the head? any help is greatly appreciated.
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    this all depends on what year your 810 was made. up until the mid-90's, the best you could get into an 810 was 400w, and cranking the power section of an svt can give you up to about 700w in peak power. a newer cab should be able to take it, though, since their rating is a legit 800w.

    it's very possible you're mistaking distortion for farting, but it's ultra-tough to tell without being there or at least knowing more about your cab. i'm tempted to think it's coming from the amp if the cab was made post-1996.
  3. its a usa cab. its relatively new id say early 2000's. the cab is very dark sounding though. the highs just dont seem to be there with any head i use. i was thinking about getting rid of it for an aguilar 810 but im not sure yet. lol what do you think jimmym? i just want to make sure theres nothing wrong with the head.
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    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
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    i hate the early 2000's cabs for that exact reason. they were made with osb and the speakers are really dark. the newer ones loud has been making are a great improvement tonally, plus they use real plywood. not tried the aggies, but they're ported so i'd expect something a little different than the ampegs.
  5. yea i really want to get rid of this cab it sounds pretty bad. ive played on an aguilar db810 and was very impressed with it. the frequency response was huge. i think i might pull the trigger on one but i gotta get rid of this cab first. if i dont im gonna have 3 810's sitting around not being used.
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    I think Jimmys advice is right on, but you might just find a VT pedal would make an improvement with your old cab.
    I'm not ashamed to admit I pretty much always prefer one with my blueline SVT and SVT-II unless I'm somewhere I can really crank it up.
  7. well i usually play at places were i can get a decent volume on stage to ge the sound i want. i have a vt pedal and i tried it at lower volumes and it was close but wasnt 100 percent what i wanted.
  8. If you can get your hands on an Aguilar S810 ... those were sealed too, if I am not mistaken, but they are out of production so you got to be lucky with the classifieds
  9. those are rear ported. lol i looked into those too but didnt like that the frequency response only goes to 3.3k