Swap Bridge on a Fender Jazz MIK String Thru

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  1. Ok, I have a Flame top Fender 24 V MIK with a string thru. The bass was bought at a great price, but has 2 flaws. The active preamp needs to be replaced, and the bridge has no saddle grooves, or spacing options like the newer USA models. The saddles will actual move side to side when played hard, and the bridge itself is not perfectly placed anyways because the G string sits too close to the edge of the neck at the bottom.

    I found a good buy on the new USA model with string thru option. Unfortunately the holes do not match up. I can either install the bridge without going string thru, or layout markings to match the new holes and file them at an angle to use the old ones. Has anyone ever done this before, and does it effect the sound if the strings touch the wood body when strung.

    I'll be home tomorrow and can take pictures to better explain.
  2. Just ignore the ST option. It really does nothing.
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    Babicz Babicz Babicz Babicz Babicz
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    All I do is angle the outer two saddles so the tension of the string makes it bear inwards to its neighbors. They don't move now under normal play. If your heavy handed , you need a Babicz or similar.
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    I'd ignore the string thru option. The neck needs to be loosened and moved in the picket to align the strings - chances are the bridge is in the correct place.
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    Yep, I'd try that first before you spend $$.
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