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  1. I'm trading a nice composite-Squier 4 string for a '96 MIK Ibanez 5 string. I play in several groups and there are calls for that low reach of a B string. Anyway it's said that the older Korean models have a heftier bridge, aren't as featherweight, and have a stronger 'growl' than the newer ones. Also the finish is said to be sturdier, which may be less meaningful to me, but that newer, thinner finish a sore point for some.

    Any anecdotes to share about the MIK SR505s? I appreciate your time!
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    May 21, 2008
    As a previous 2008 MIK SR705 owner, I dint think the Korean made has advantage and different than current Indonesian SR.

    I prefer the extent neck join on indo SR and the new onboard 3 band EQ are better on current model.

    I will get the used MIK SR if the neck are rock steady whitout wave-effect fretboard.

    If you strongly need a MIK SR505 mahogany body , better you get the SR705 alder/mahogany which has better clear B string sound (I prefer elixir nano Tapered B).

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  3. I don't know what may have changed at the Korean factory between '96 and '07. The one I'm looking at was made under the auspices of Cort (letter C in the S#).

    Don't much worry about which wood, sometimes that doesn't effect things the way you'd think it might. And I'm not really shopping for a 505 per se, it just came along and I've read some consistently glowing reviews on them.

    Strings is another ballgame entirely...

    Thanks for the perspective!
  4. No one has any war stories? Glowing reviews? Anecdotes?...


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    I prefer my MIK 505 to the later models. Iv'e had zero issues with the bridge and the MIK ones don't have the chronic finish issues of the MII ones. The MIK's are substantial in weight though, if that is something that's a concern to you. I can get a very wide tone range with mine, dubby and all the way up to glassy highs. Hope this helps.
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  6. Yeah that's informative. I'm considering trading off my custom built Squier-II Jaguar, having a hard time with that! But it would be to my advantage to have a 5 string.

    Anyhow, thanks for the response.