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Swedish bass players

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Rudyboy98, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Rudyboy98


    Jan 25, 2008
    South Bay, CA
    I am a pretty big Swedish Metal fan...

    Are you a fan of any Swedish bass players?

    List your favorite bass player (must be Swedish or Scandinavian)
    and post pics if you like.

    P.S. To the Mods: If this is not considered a legitimate thread, please let me know.
  2. Rune Bivrin

    Rune Bivrin Supporting Member

    Oct 2, 2006
    Huddinge, Sweden
    Why would you exclude Norway from Scandinavia? That's about as reasonable as saying Alaska or California aren't parts of North America.

    Traditionally, Scandinavia is Sweden and Norway. Denmark is almost always included. Finland, Iceland and Faroe Islands sometimes, allthough then it's really the Nordic countries that you're including.

    On topic:
    Rutger Gunnarsson (played on most ABBA tracks)
    Jonas Hellborg
    Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen
    Georg Riedel
    Magnus Rosén
  3. GlassJaw


    Jul 24, 2006
    Rhode Island
    I don't know any Swedish bass players specifically but I definitely like Swedish metal. I'm a big fan of Soilwork and The Haunted. I think they are both Swedish, or at least from that part of the world. :smug: Really good stuff. I love listening to The Haunted on the way to work - I design toys.
  4. If you like Swedish metal, try AMon Amarth. good SH!t. BAss player isn't really that creative he pretty much rides chords but its still good music

    follow the link in my sig, its good stuff but from Finland ::bassist::
  5. The dude from In Flames!

    Peter Iwers
  6. SweBass


    Jul 28, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    Finland is NEVER part of Scandinavia.
  7. Thats like saying bands and bandmembers from Chile and Argentina are the same thing because they are in the same region of South America!

    Let's just stick to Swedish metal...Finnish metal is amazing but it's another country.
  8. Rudyboy98


    Jan 25, 2008
    South Bay, CA
    Typically, most research I have done, didn't include Norway in Scandinavia, per se. :confused:

    Of course right after posting I went to Wikipedia and re-researched my data, which I found to be incorrect...hence I have edited my thread.

    No offense intended! Sorry! :D

    Thanks for your comments!
  9. +1

    Versus the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amon Amarth is essential for anyone interested in Scandinavian metal.

    Check out Nocturnal Rites, too. They're power metal. Hard to hear the bass on most of their tracks. Solid tracks though.
  10. Rudyboy98


    Jan 25, 2008
    South Bay, CA
    Ah...yes...I am almost forgot to mention...the great MARCEL JACOB...and John Leven...

  11. Deacon_Blues


    Feb 11, 2007
    For clarification (or further confusion :p):

    Scandinavia = Sweden, Norway and Finland
    Nordic countries = Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland

    The Scandinavian peninsula (in swedish "Skandinaviska halvön") is only Sweden and Norway.
  12. orion9090


    Jul 24, 2013
    There are a lot of good Swedish bass players out there. Marcel Jacob did play with pretty much every great Swedish act that came out from the eigthies (Europe, Yngwie, Talisman). John Leven is one of the most underrated bass players of that era as well. Actually Kee Marcellom, past guitarist of Europe, said that Leven has an unexpected level of technique. Next to Joey Tempest he is also the main writer of the latest Europe release 'Bag of Bones'.
    AND for clarification; geographically Scandinavia consists of Norway and Sweden. However when regarding culture Scandinavia is considered to consist of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Never Finland though.

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