Sweet Deal! (Fender Content)

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  1. So I had to work yesterday....and while we were waiting on some crew chiefs to come pick up some external fuel tanks...I stumbled across this find! Im going to pick it up today....totally worth it in my opinion.:hyper:

    Fender 5 String Jazz Bass V
    -made in mexico circa 1997-

    This bass came into my possession in 2003 at a yard sale. I never had much
    use for a 5 string, so it spent most of it's time in it's case. It's suffered
    no misuse during the time I've owned it, but I can't say for certain who the
    previous owner even was. I've noticed several problems with this bass:

    -The action and/or intonation is pretty bad
    -I've also noticed a problem with the tone control knob, if hit or turned a
    certain way it can cause a bad static sound
    -I'm not sure one of the pickup volume knobs is working properly either

    Cosmetically the bass looks pretty good:

    -There's an odd screw and a couple missing screws
    -The pickguard is a bit scratched up
    -The bass's body, neck and tuning pegs are all in superb cosmetic condition.
    -There are no major dents, scratches, cracks or breaks, though there are
    several small scratches that only become visible during closer inspection
    -The sunburst finish still looks beautiful
    -There are a couple of small dents on the top of the headstock

    Considering all this, I've set the price pretty low. Hopefully someone who
    knows more about this stuff than me can benefit from this predicament.

    **Included is the hardcase that the guitar was in when it came into my possession**
  2. As the immortal Borat said when trying to find a wife...

    ..'Very nice,how much?'

    Sounds like you got a really sweet deal there.
  3. $115.00...I couldn't believe it
  4. You've got to love Craigslist sometimes....
  5. No kidding, and if there is something I can't fix then I'll take it to my tech Al down at my local mom and pop store....good peoples...he knows his stuff. The only problem is we are having an exercise next week, so I get to play war for 12 hrs a day and no time to pamper it. Pics to come when I get it this afternoon!