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Sweet find: LANE POOR MODULUS Blue Flake, now I have twins

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by rossiman, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. rossiman


    Aug 12, 2011
    Have had a 03 Modulus Flea bass blue flake for 6 months now, wanted to get a Lane Poor to make it more authentic tone/rare...

    Have been scouring craigslist to find one after I graduated...then I happen to find an exact identical Modulus in my college's hometown... a nice rural find!!! 1997 Modulus Flea Bass with Lane Poor Pickup! the truss rod-less version, slightly yellowed pickguard makes it look cool, couple of nicks, super light compared to the newer ones....

    I never want to keep two of the same things, so dont know what to get rid of but what one Modulus lacks the other one makes up for.

    Thought I'd share my find!

  2. gt96g

    gt96g Supporting Member

    Jul 25, 2008
    Philly Area
    if your getting rid of one, throw the lp in the bass with the truss rod, truss rodless basses have always mad me uneasy, even if they are modulus.
  3. willbassyeah


    Oct 9, 2011
    I heard lane poor is back on production I saw it on their website. But they are made by another company I think
  4. JimB52

    JimB52 User Supporting Member

    May 24, 2007
    East Coast
    You should definitely sell one of them to me.
  5. rossiman


    Aug 12, 2011
    Slapped on a Badass II in place of the Gotoh,
    found a spare knob,
    rubber washered the strap buttons,
    fresh set of GHS Boomer Flea's,
    cleaned up the neck and body
  6. JimB52

    JimB52 User Supporting Member

    May 24, 2007
    East Coast
    That finish sure is sparkly.
  7. rossiman


    Aug 12, 2011
    Ive been playing the older modulus more and more...it feels lighter and faster and almost no fret buzz...but now I am really hung up, because I was hoping to keep my newer 03 (which has the truss rod and virtually clean with no nicks/dings)

    I set the action and everything the same for both basses and the 97 still feels faster and less fret buzz...

    the +'s of the 03: spotless body (i like a good mint bass), aguilar obp-1, truss rod
    the -'s of the 03: heavier, has a little more fret wear= buzz

    the +'s of the 97: lightweight, seems faster, little to no fret buzz
    the -'s of the 97: bartolini preamp, random hazy spots and nicks and dings, some finish chip off neck, NO truss rod but still good relief/straight
  8. JimB52

    JimB52 User Supporting Member

    May 24, 2007
    East Coast
    Tough choice, but at least there's a good range of plusses.
  9. you could swap the preamp if you wanted to, as with the pickups.
  10. WavyGravy


    Jun 11, 2012
    Brooklyn, NY
    That lack of truss rod would drive me absolutely nuts
  11. DiabolusInMusic

    DiabolusInMusic Functionless Art is Merely Tolerated Vandalism Supporting Member

    First world problems man....

    Do I keep this awesome bass I love or do I keep this awesome bass that I love? Tough call, but no wrong answer.

    Although, just a heads up, even if you never touch the one of them for 10 years, you'll regret selling it...
  12. galaxis


    May 21, 2006
    Mahwah, NJ
    Here's what you should do:

    Put the Gotoh bridge back on the '97 and keep it stock. Don't worry about it not having a truss rod. I have the same bass in white. If the neck is straight it will stay straight for all eternity unless you drop it into the fires of Mordor. It doesn't need a truss rod. Really.

    Mine almost never even goes out of tune except when I out new strings on it. Yours plays good and feels good.

    If anyone has one of these that the neck is not straight, there is nothing that can be done other than replacing the neck.

    The Lane Poor pickup makes that bass VERY valuable. Also it is THE best sounding, punchiest, bass you will ever play and the neck is (literally) like a rock and will never budge. I have 15 basses and my Lane Poor Flea 4 is the only bass that gets to go to a gig!
  13. Mojo-Man


    Feb 11, 2003

    I had one of these in Green.
    The Lane Poor is a wonderful pickup.
    Great bass.
  14. Shaffon


    Feb 24, 2013
  15. Shaffon


    Feb 24, 2013
    Got me a gold one last week. Great bass I like mine a lot.
  16. rossiman


    Aug 12, 2011
    ****in awesome. Was this on CL? Im usually scammin the CL ads for Modulus's, I feel like I saw this and was too late. Ive been in major modulus GAS mode ever since I sold the 97

  17. GlassOnion

    GlassOnion 1.21 Gigawatts

    Apr 4, 2011
    Tempe Arizona
    OBP1 to the 97 paired with the LP. Do eeet.
  18. Lesfunk

    Lesfunk Supporting Member

    People tend to get worried about no truss rod. I played older Modulus' for years and never had an issue. Ever.
    In fact, I'd take an older one over a newer one any day.

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