Sweet Pawn Shop find (Guitar Amp content)

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  1. I was on my way to work and had about 10 minutes to kill and I went into a local pawnshop here and found an 80's Peavey Classic 212 VTX is pretty good shape on the floor. I play guitar in my home studio some and have been looking for a good deal.

    I plugged it up, played around with it and looked on the back and noticed it had the square magnet Eminence speakers (I thought Scorpions were to harsh, which were pretty standard in these) ......I said hmm. I wonder if I can walk out of here with this amp for 100 bucks.

    I walked up to the register and carried it with me. I said "Don't make me carry this back, what's the price to walk out the door with it." His reply 100 bucks.

    I got a 2x12 65 watt tube amp combo in 7 out of 10 shape for 100 bucks.

    I love pawn shops. I will post pics later.
  2. Dang, nice deal. I want a deal like that.

  3. I have two matched EHX 6L6's sitting around, this thing still had the stock Peavey tubes from 20+ years ago. Expecting good things.
  4. Anyone have a footswitch for these laying around?
  5. It's hard to find that kind of deal anymore nowadays in the age of the internet... Pawnshop owners can just do a quick search and find out what something is worth... You seem to have scored big time. Congratulations! Let us know how it turns out once you fire it up for real and take it through its paces.......
  6. I had a chance to get a Warwick Wenge neck thumb bolt on 4 at a pawn shop in good shape for 350. They made the mistake telling me they paid 250 for it.

    Then they said let me check Ebay first real quick.

    End of story. :meh:

    They went to about 1G for the bass.