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  1. thumbtrap


    Jun 26, 2003
    Ok, this is slightly off topic, but hey that's what is says this forum is.

    I'm looking for recommendations for Swing/Big Band/Jump blues kinda stuff. I don't have a lot of depth (or breadth) in this category - but I have liked the Glen Miller stuff I've heard, and a couple of Count Basie tunes (Hayburner is great) but I didn't really care for Benny Goodman.

    This isn't really a dance. Just trying to broaden horizons and do something fun. Nothing really wierd or highbrow - just looking for party music from an earlier generation.

    The good stuff will end up in the stack of tunes to learn after the party's over.
  2. brianrost

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    Apr 26, 2000
    Boston, Taxachusetts
    The early Basie sides on Decca are available either as a complete set (3 CDs) or you can get various 1 disc compilations from this period. The Basie Columbias are available on a 4-CD budget set from Proper (like $20 for 4 discs).

    The Ellington stuff starting in the late 30s is great, too...various RCA and Proper compilations are available. Also the Johnny Hodges sides from the same period (he played with Ellington so his recordings are usually small groups with other Ellington sidemen). "Hodge Podge" on Legacy is a particularly good one.

    Other artists to check into:

    Lionel Hampton
    Illinois Jacquet
    Cab Calloway
    Slim Gaillard (with the great Slam Stewart playing bass)
    Louis Jordan
    Wynonie Harris
    Roy Brown
    Sam "The Man" Taylor
    Red Prysock
    Arnett Cobb
    Paul "Hucklebuck" Williams
  3. thumbtrap


    Jun 26, 2003
    One I forgot - Tommy Dorsey. (But yeah, it'sa bump)
  4. Thor

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    I have always had a soft spot fot the Fats Waller

    Some newer CD's that were released like the best of Louis Prima are great stuff.

    And, native RI band


    Almost 30 years and that guitar blues horn band is still partying hearty.

    I happen to be partial to the first releases with frontman guitarist Duke Robillard.

    Their first album 'Roomful of Blues' is priceless as is 'Let's have a Party', 'Dressed up to get Messed Up' and I even like their newest stuff ' There goes the Neighborhood'. The are on Rounder Records check the website and TOTALLY party on !!!

    Great party band, hip tunes, rockin' out the Rhode Island way!