Switching string gauge on Sandberg TM4

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    Jun 9, 2020
    I recently purchased a Sandberg TM4. I really do like the bass. It is relatively lightweight, easy to play, and has a nice range of tones. That being said I find its sound to be very different from a Fender Jazz. It is much more modern sounding and the tonal qualities remind me more of an Ibanez. Adding to this is the fact that the bass ships with light gauge strings (.40 - .100) though Sandberg calls these medium gauge.

    I have always played with .45-.105 gauge strings. I do like how much easier it is to play these lighter gauge strings and it does seem to fit with the style and sound of this Sandberg bass. That being said I am thinking about trying .45-.105 gauge strings just to see how it affects the overall character of the sound. I do however have concern about adding more tension to the neck. Theoretically this shouldn't be a big deal but I have heard stories of necks getting warped when you put on heavier strings. Not sure if the neck is reinforced in any manner but I always think the vendor's use a certain string gauges for a reason.

    Curious to hear your thoughts - Am I overthinking this? Just put the higher gauge strings on to see what it sounds like? Part of me thinks to just stick with the gauge that shipped and buy in to the sound/feel that Sandberg was going for (I have a Fender Jazz so why not have this bass be something totally different...)

    I know there is no right/wrong answer here - just curious to hear some opinions. Thanks!
  2. Yes.

    That's what the truss rod is for, assuming your bass is equipped with one - to be able to adjust the neck according to the overall string tension.
  3. The only issue you might encounter is how the nut slots are cut.
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    Oct 12, 2019
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    I was faced with the exact same question recently and opted to switch to the .45-.105's. The nut slots were a bit small but seemed to work OK and did not appear to have any affect on the action. I did a very minor job setting intonation and the thing feels great.

    Very happy to be using a familiar gauge again.
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