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SWR 350/Amepg 4x10 hlf- - - $700.00

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Psalm98Bass, Jun 13, 2002.

  1. Psalm98Bass


    Dec 31, 2000
    I have an SWR 350 pro chrome faced amp. 350 watts. I will throw in a SKB road case that its racked in with a rackrider power conditioner.
    I also have an Ampeg 4x10 hlf bottom tuned for better low end response. Will be willing to sell sereratly. Thanks
    Email to Avsrok1698@AOL.com
  2. deluxeg


    May 5, 2001
    How much for just the 4x10
  3. WillPlay4Food

    WillPlay4Food Now With More Metal! Staff Member Supporting Member

    Apr 9, 2002
    Orbiting HQ
    How much for the amp?