SWR 350 & Goliath/Aguilar question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Skittles, May 19, 2002.

  1. Skittles


    May 19, 2002
    I just wanted to get some opinions on a rig I'm thinking about getting. I've got a chance to get a pretty nice SWR or SWR/Aguilar set.
    1) I can get either the Bass 350 head (not the new 350X) and a Goliath 3 4X10.
    2) I can get the 350 and 2 GS-112's.
    3) I can get the new SWR Bass 350X and a Goliath 3 Junior or Aguilar GS210 (both 2X10 cabs). I'm leaning toward the 350X and Goliath Junior, because I'm just a 4-stringer right now, and could add a Son of Bertha later if need be. Just looking for some opinions on these set-ups.

  2. jasonbraatz


    Oct 18, 2000
    Oakland, CA
    don't bother with the 350x.

    if you want the loudest rig - get the 4x10
    if you want the most portable - get the 2 1x12's
  3. Wxp4759cb


    Nov 23, 2000
    Kansas City, MO
    I just went up to GC, and Mars music yesterday and tried EVERYTHING. I really liked the goliath 3. Thats what I'd get if I were you. I don't like 15s, and I like 10s a little better than 12s, so I'd either get the 4x10, or the 2x10 and a 1x12.