SOLD SWR 350 "red face" mint condition

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  1. Picked this up as a back up to my other SWR 350 Red face, but these things are so reliable it just sits in its rack case. Thought I also might need 2 of them for a "large gig" someday, but after I've modified the "AE" Aural Enhancer (do a search here on TB) they are so much louder and bigger sounding that I've only needed one ever. After the AE mod I became a big fan of these amps, the quality and internal workmanship is unmatched when compared to today's offerings, and the simple layout lets you dial up a quick workable tone! Sounds great with one or two of my BRX 10.2 Neo cabs... or anything else for that matter!

    Let me tell ya, the AE mod is the only way to go with the SWR stuff, but I can quickly change it back to its original AE functionality if your into the old SWR scooped tone thing?

    This one is about as clean as you will find! The only issues I could find was some slight scratching on the bottom very light around the top, and slightly bent left rack ear. Both issues are unnoticeable in the rack case. I have the original rubber feet for it as well.

    450 watts @ 2 ohms
    350 watts @ 4 ohms
    240 watts @ 8 ohms

    Weight is around 20 lbs. Its no micro head but its light enough you wont heart anything ;)
    This is the one with a Limiter.

    Trade: Only looking for a micro head (Genz, Markbass, GK, etc...) for smaller gigs, but something reliable and not one that is known for having "issues" that you read about here on TB.

    I may or may not sell it, hard to let it go after I found one in this kind of shape, but I might let if go for $325 shipped conus usps in rack case?
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  2. more pics, the pic of the bottom with the rubber feet off btw.. I tried to get the marks in the photo as best a possible.

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  4. case pics

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  5. PM's replied too.. thanks!

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