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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Boppingtheory, Nov 14, 2001.

  1. Boppingtheory


    Aug 27, 2001
    I would like to share my experience as SWR 350 user and, if possible, obtain some suggestion.
    I use to play an American Standard Jazz Bass into a SWR 350 and an Eminence-homemade cab (equipped with a Kappa Pro 15LF capable of handling 400 watts rms in ported cabinet of approx 3.5 cu.ft + APT 80 tweeter + croossover Pxb2-3K5).
    My usual setting on SWR 350 is:
    Gain: +2 1/2 or 3 (considering 0 as flat)
    Aur: +2
    Bass: +2
    Level: -3 (approx - 6 dB)
    Freq: 600 Hz
    Treb: +1
    Limiter: off
    Master: how much I need

    The sound is warm and very focused and suitable for jazz but also with a good backbone for other situations. Has any SWR 350 user experienced with this setting ? Any other interesting setting suggestions (please not from SWR 350 handbook) ?
  2. bassplayingluke


    Aug 7, 2001
    i m glad someone s got some experience with the swr 350 as i m planing going to buy a small stack system this saturday.

    by the way it looks i m gonna get a swr 350 amp with a swr goliath III junior 2 x 10 cabinet. when i get some more money i ll probably add a swr big ben 1 x 18 to it to get more bottom end. (you see, i m a bit of an swr fan... ;-))

    no I d be glad to know about what experience you guys made with the swr 350. maybe you have suggestions for cabinets that work well with it. or you know reasons why not to buy it. whatever, i appreciate any feedback.

    btw: i play a yamaha 5 string active bass. i mainly play rock, jazz or funk.

  3. leper


    Jun 21, 2001
    i have the bass 450 and love...my suggestion for settings: enhance at noon oclock, bass up just a tad, treble and transparency up just a tad. everything else on the amp and bass flat. maybe cut out some honky sounding mids, but theres really not much required to get the swr stuff to sound real real good.
  4. BWB


    Aug 30, 2000
    Knoxville TN
    I use a Bass 350 with a Carvin 4x10 and a
    Precision bass. Unfortunately, the combo of bass
    and cabinet along with the Bass 350 is going make
    a difference. I don't like mine to resonate the room,
    I like the traditional Precision tone with a tad more
    high end punch (I play in a blues band).

    My settings are:
    Gain: around +1. Will adjust a tad to suit.
    Aur: +2
    Bass: +1
    Level: between 0 and -1
    Freq: 500 Hz
    Treb: between 0 and +1
    Limiter: on
    Master: whatever I need, etc.

    I have found that I add bass depending on whether
    I am playing on a hollow or solid stage. Solid
    stage = more bass needed.

    Try my settings, and then try them with the bass
    control at +2 and the Aur control turned over all the
    way to the right but just a hair below max.
    The above settings and the "Bass +2, Aur almost
    to max right" are the two ways I use it.

  5. CtheOp


    Oct 11, 2001
    Toronto, Canada
    I've just included an SWR 2x10 cabinet to my SWR350 head and 15" EV speaker cab. I spent some time with an SWR technician on the phone to discuss some settings and here is what he recommended:
    1. Adjust GAIN control so that the clipping LED no longer turns on during normal playing. It's OK if it flickers during some point of your playing - just don't allow it to clip too much.
    2. Adjust master volume to suit your needs.
    3. I like the sound of the aural enhancer, so I have mine set fairly high on the dial.
    4. Treble set flat.
    5. Bass set +2 or +3
    6. Mid control set to boost the lower frequencies (but I change it when I need to).

    Judging from the settings you are using, it looks like you prefer the high end sound of your bass.