SWR 750 for Trade (feeler)

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  1. I got used from a fellow TB'er. It was made in 2001 or 2002 cause it has Speakon connections. I really don't care if I get rid of it or not but I'm an All tube guy at heart. Don't get me wrong this a great amp, but after having a Mesa 400+ . Solid state power amps just don't work for me that much anymore. I feel like theres a fullness thats missing. Maybe its just me. But this amp is powerfull and works great. I just replaced the tube with a brand new JJ ecc83 s. I can send the original GT tube as well. But the JJ made it sound better. But I love power tubes.

    So I'll be willing to trade for the following amps.

    Blue Faced all tube Ampegs..SVT CL, SVT2 Pro,
    SVT II NON-PRO the Black and white lettering one.

    I think those amps fall into an even trade category.
    I'll also talke the newer amps but I guess I'll have throw some extra cash....let me know.

    I also like all tube Trace Elliots.

    PM me with your email address for pics.

  2. Razor


    Sep 22, 2002
    is this the 750x or just the 750?