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  1. I have a really cool sounding SWR 4x8 (Henry Junior).
    I blew one of the speakers and I am at a loss as where to get a new one (8" SWR speaker), or a good replacement. Any Ideas? Please!!!
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    Nov 24, 2000
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    Couldn't find no tech specs at the SWR site for their
    "vintage" (discontinued) 4x8. They DID say that the
    Henry 8x8 uses special Celestion drivers.

    The Celestion site lists the "BG8F-100"...


    Do the speakers in your 4x8 look anything like that one?
    (click the pic for more info ;) )

    Your best bet may be to contact SWR first...

    Carvin's PS-8 (200W / 16 Ω / ~$45) might work too.
    (www.carvin.com..."speaker components")
  3. I just had all my eight 8's reconed by SWR. If fact they'll be here in a couple days.

    SWR charges $29.67 ea. to recone their 32 ohm Celestion 8's. They'll be just like new.

    Call SWR at (818) 253-4797
    Adrian at ext. 19 handles the recone stuff.

    Ask for a Return Authorization Number.

    Include this number on the package when you send it to SWR:

    SWR Sound Corp.
    9130 Glenoaks Blvd.
    Sun Valley, CA 91352


    FAX: (818) 253-4799

    It's best to have horizonal pairs reconed together so they match. I prefer to have all of them done at the same time so I'm not mixing new and old speakers together, plus all the speakers will be matched and have a "like new" fresh start.

    Hope this helps.

  4. The Celestion eights in SWR cabs are 32 ohms.
    4x8 is 8 ohms... and the 8x8 is 4 ohms. They both use the same speaker. They are custom made for SWR. The wiring uses a combination of series and pararrel wiring. Make sure to number the wires so they go back to the same speaker that was removed. Don't mix them up!