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SWR + ACME = ?????

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by heath_the_great, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. Well, i think ive found my dream head... SWR WORKINGMANS 8004 T/O/P...i love solid state amps, im not a big fan of tube, But it souded ever so sweet with a goliath 3 and a kubicki, stingray and a jazz, i swear i was drooling, so much power and the best tone ive heard with the eq almost flat....little low end boost that was about it....but im trying the ACME low B2's in 2 weeks (Thanks Dave) and i was just wondering if anyone uses SWR with ACME? and what their opinons are

    Ill probably end up with this:

    2x Acme Low B-2
  2. Razor


    Sep 22, 2002
    I've often wondered the same thing..only concern I would have is that the 8004 might not be able to push the cabs enough. I've heard from more than one person on here that Acme's are very power hungry. Keep us posted..
  3. Yeah, talking o Dnburgess (australia's alembic, acme, acoustic image importer) said that they are power hungry..but ill only be running 1 cab for 12months or so then get the seccond

    850 Watts @ 2.6 ohms
    750 Watts @ 4 ohms
    450 Watts @ 8 ohms

    ACME Low B-2
    High power handling. 350W RMS is a good starting point due to the relatively low efficiency of the cabinet. 500W RMS is ideal. The more power, the better the sound. (Within reason - It's only a 2x10"!)

    Just another question, ohms always annoy me, does 2x 8ohm boxes = 16ohm load or 4ohm?

    and 2x 4ohm boxes = 8ohm or 2ohm?
  4. Sweet ! I ordered that same head. It has tons of power, but I'm not sure if it'll be enough for the Acme's. You'll have to let us know how it does.

    With the SWR 8004, you'll most likely want (2) 8 ohm cabs, which will be a 4 ohm load. A pair of 4 ohm cabs would be 2 ohms, which the 8004 is not cabable of producing.

    I'm going to use the 8004 with (2) Swr goliath jr. III's, and (1) sob...all 8 ohm cabs. This will get the max power from the amp, 850 Watts @ 2.6 ohms. I'll have to make sure the amp isn't running too hot, hopefully that won't be an issue.

    I think you'll have a sweet sounding rig, hopefully it'll be loud enough for live use.
  5. jobu3

    jobu3 Artist formerly known as Big Joe

    Feb 17, 2002
    Mountain Top, PA
    2 8's = 4 ohms
    2 4's = 2 ohms
    1 8 + 1 4 = 2.67 ohms which is the min you can run the 8004. Keep in mind that with 1 8 and 1 4-ohm cab one will be SIGNIFICANTLY louder than the other. I would not recommend running at a flat 2 ohm load.

    It really depends upon the application... 750 W @ 4 ohms is a fair amount of power for most practical situations. When Acme cabs are involved you are likely to get drowned out in most louder/rock/blues applications. If it is quiet jazz or worship where you aren't necessarily trying to blow away the audience's eardrums, you'll probably be fine. If your drummer is a heavy hitter you will probably need more. I ran a bass 350 with an Acme and it was good for moderate volume practice. It didn't really cut the mustard as a stage monitor in some of the louder rooms IMO. Also in my experience, you can't really run most SWR's at particularly high volume at their minimum impedance (in your case 2.66 ohms) and maintain good tone. You also run the risk of thermal shutdown... :meh:
  6. The Only Thing that has me worried is the "Fender 'TICK' Of Approval" the head i tested was only in the shop for 1 week (I was the first to test it :D ...i got the call on the bat phone) and the front panel was already covered in rust, although the paint hadn't peeled yet it was lumpy and rust was apparent....

    DAMN YOU FENDER!!!!!!!
  7. If you LOVED the T.O.P head through a Goliath 3, why don't you just get Goliaths? Don't get me wrong, I love Acme and want to give Andy all the business possible, but I think you'll find some major tonal differences when you test drive the B-2's. SWR cabinets have what's called a 'midrange hump' (same with Eden and Bergie) where the cabinet is punchy regardless of the amplifier used. Acme's are perfectly flat and only reproduce what the amplifier gives it. Example: If you play a CD through an SWR cab, it'll sound like a CD through a pretty nice bass cabinet. If you play the same CD through Acme, you will hear a perfect, uncolored reproduction of that CD....like two 10" headphones.

    With the power the T.O.P. puts out, it should have no problem driving 8 ohm B-2's (I suggest 8 ohmers so you can bridge into 4 when you get two of them - that's what I'm doing) They WILL sound quieter than the SWR cabinet with the same amplifier settings. Acme drivers just take more to get 'em moving. However, if you want flexibility and that same SWR tone, consider getting an SWR Interstellar Overdrive or a Used Grand Prix preamp, then whatever high-powered power amp you like. Just a suggestion.