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  1. Price:
    Also posted in the DB amp section.

    The Baby Blue is a hybrid bass amp made by SWR. There were at least three versions of this combo amp--this is the first one with custom designed Bag End drivers.

    It has two internal 8-inch woofers and a 5-inch cone tweeter. The pre-amp section is tube. It has options for line out, xlr out, effects send and return, and an external cabinet.

    The eq on this thing is extremely versatile, with bass, mid, and treble levels and selectable frequencies.

    The amp is very clean sounding and is supposed to be excellent for recording (although I have not tried that).

    The combo has been upgraded to LDS drivers. Note that the LDS drivers have a lower impedance and increase the combo's power output to 150 W.

    I also did the Aural Enhancer delete modification. The amp's eq section can now be run totally flat (which I think sounds better). The mod involves removing one capacitor and switching it with another one. It is simple to undo if someone would like. I will include the capacitor I removed.

    14.5 inches wide
    24.5 inches high
    12.5 inches deep
    42 pounds
    Minimum total amp impedance: 4 ohms

    Included with the amp is the owner's manual and the original 5" cone tweeter (which was replaced with a factory one by the previous owner).

    Buyer pays shipping (unless you want to pick it up). I live just east of Denver.

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  2. If you're willing to ship to Canada can you get me a quote to postal code P5E 1K3

  3. @Mrmatt1972 ,
    I just sent you a PM with the costs based on weight and size.
  4. Bump.

    Great amp; still available.
  5. spufman


    Feb 7, 2005
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    Nice price on a great amp. Still loving mine.
  6. russellh86


    Oct 11, 2014
    Awesome little amp at a great price!

  7. How could this not be sold?
    Maybe post it on one of the many SWR threads.
  8. Price drop.
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    One of the finest combo amps made back in the day. I had one. Great for small gigs. If I wasn’t hooked on Genzler I’d buy this in a heartbeat.
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  11. Price drop.

    Thanks for the thoughts @SteveC.
  12. Robal

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    I own two of these amps, and they are wonderful small combos. They were designed by Steve Rabe to be like a powered studio monitor for bass. The paper cone tweeter, to my ears, sounds much better than the silver colored Foster horns that SWR used with the Goliath, Redhead, etc. -- much less harsh. I think they were one of SWR Engineering Inc.'s best products (which is why I kept two combos and two matching extension speakers).
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  13. Always looking around to see what these are going for. Great price, folks ask for much more on the Bay and Reverb!
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    Is the 160 watts at 4 ohm or 8? What does it run at 8 ohms?

    I've heard great things about the BBII, trying to figure out the differences...
  15. @Yamarc,

    The manual says 120 W at 8 ohms (the combo’s impedance) and 150 W at 4 ohms.

    The 160 W is a typo. I have updated the posting.

    I do not know for certain, but I believe the main difference between the Baby Blue and the Baby Blue II is the woofers.
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    Best deal on Talkbass!
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  17. Bump; still available.

    Thanks for the input, everyone.
  18. damn! i want it!:bassist: but i live in australia! :(
  19. @Mikeus,

    Feel free to shoot me a pm. We can investigate shipping options if you would like.
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    Smart move! I do not need this...but I sure do love them.