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  1. Is there any one who uses a basic black besides me and what do you think of the combo amp?
  2. I bought one used and it worked fine. I didn't like the tone as much as my tube heads though. I thought that it was only good for small to medium gigs. I loved the tuner output and the XLR output. It was an easy amp to use when I needed a quick set-up and/or tear down. Perfect size for most weddings.

    I used it quite a bit until it got rained on twice at outdoor gigs. Now the amp hums. I disconnected the amp and and use it as a 15" extension cab (which I might sell if someone is interested).
  3. I used a Basic Black with a matching Basic 2-Way extension cabinet for years.

    Loud for 120/160 watts.

    Great tone.

    Completely blows away comparable SWR Workingman's tone.
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    Aug 10, 2002
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    Wasn't it also quite a bit more costly than the WM's? I may be wrong. I never cared much for the tone of the basic black myself.

    brad cook
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    I play a Basic Black at church. Paid $699 new for it, back when they were still in production.

    Great sounding little combo. Handles the low B very well(if you play 5 or 6) and has a crisp, modern sound.
  6. Old thread, but I know someone looking for this stack... so I'll use the opportunity to chiome in about it- I dig this little stack/combo and use it too. Agreed that for 160 watts it's very present and sounds great. I even did a reggae gig a few weeks ago with them stacked up the long way, and with a boost from the PA I got stage sound and FOH sound. Very nice.