For Sale/Trade SWR Goliath EMPTY

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    Apr 4, 2003
    Reno, Nevada
    EMPTY Goliath II cabinet- has the crossover and tweeter. Good shape. I got it in trade. I was going to install four neo 10's, but have not, because it turns out, I really do not need a 4-10 cab. I have way too many larger cabs, and my age and back need smaller gear nowadays. I will be listing all my bigger cabs.. I just cannot lift these anymore. Gettin' old sucks.
    I'm interested in a decent EMPTY cab for trade. I have 2 neo tens looking for a home, and either that configuration, or a good 1-12.. would be cool. I'm in Reno, Nevada. Prefer a face to face trade.
    If you're nearby, or going to be in Reno, let me know!

    STOCK photo- we all know what it looks like, but here's a refresher.. Mine is also the rear port model.

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