SOLD SWR Goliath Jr III and Son of Bertha

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    Up for sale/trade is a great SWR rig in excellent condition. It's comprised of a Goliath Junior III 2x10 and a Son of Bertha 1x15 (both are 8ohms). Each sounds fantastic on it's own or huge together. I've long been a SWR fan because I love punch from my cabs that you can actually feel in your chest and stomach. This combo delivers for sure.

    Use one or the other for rehearsal or small gigs. Both are plenty loud on their own. But together they make a great gig rig. Their tone is equally warm yet snappy, and wide yet focused. Like I said, I love the SWR sound. Just something spectacular about the inherent tone. I'm just not gigging out these days with cabs so these are not getting used. That's in unfortunate and so these are on the block. They are too good to not be heard.

    Both are in fine cosmetic condition and perfect working condition. They look great.

    Asking: $550 for both or $325 each. A lot of cab for the money.

    I'd like to keep these local. I'm in the southwest Michigan area.

    Trade interests involve Genzler array cabs like the 10" or 12" arrays. Or possibly small Markbass or other small/neo cab. I'm not gigging out much these days so smaller is probably better.





    64DD176B-F9F0-4A6B-BDA3-61A70CCD7733.jpeg 61EC1B36-1B0D-49FB-959C-8B2DDD004506.jpeg



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  2. GAH! Why can’t you just be a LITTLE closer. GLWTS!
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    Great cabs!!!!!!
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