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SWR Goliath Jr III vs. WM4x10T

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Bill Kennedy, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. I am currently using a Workingman's 4x10T with a red face Bass 350. I also have a Goliath Jr III that I add to the stack for louder shows. I'm considering another Goliath Jr III in place of the Workingman's 4x10T.

    Here are my questions.

    1. Why does the 4x10T, when used alone, have more "apparent" volume and lower frequency response than the Goliath Jr III? That would seem to contradict the published efficiency and frequency response specs.

    2. Will two Goliath Jr III cabinets be equivalent in terms of frequency response and efficiency to a single Goliath III?

    3. How would two Goliath Jr III cabinets compare, in terms of volume and frequency response, to my current stack described in the first paragraph?

    Anyone have insight on this?

  2. Anyone out there who uses two Goliath Jr 2x10 cabs please let me know how the rig performs for you.

  3. JOME77


    Aug 18, 2002
    I play through one SWR Goliath Jr. III with one side of my SWR SM-400S. Although I have not played through 2 SWR Jr's, I have played and compaired 2 Peavey 2-10 cabinets with the Peavey 4-10 cabinet (using my 400S head). Keep in mind that these were Peavey style cabinets modeled after the SWR series II cabinets. The main concern that I had was dealing with impedance. The 4-10 cabinet sounded best with my 400S bridged (500 Watts RMS). I couldn't play the two 2-10 cabinets with the 400S in the bridge mode because they were both 4-Ohm cabinets. I played them with the 400S in stereo (250 @4 Ohms per side). I believe that the 4-10 sounded better because of the headroom. A solution to this would have been to reqired the 2-10 cabinets to series (16 Ohms) which connected in parallel would be 8 Ohms and the 400S could have then been bridged. Another solution would be to rig up a box to connect the two 2-10 cabinets (4 Ohms ea.) in series which would also be 8 Ohms.
    All this said, you stated that you had a Bass 350 which is a single channel amp. So the key for you would be to have the total impedance of the two 2-10 cabinets equal to 4 Ohms to optimize your amp (350 Watts RMS @4 Ohms). If you did that, I don't think you would notice much difference in sound/tightness. It may even sound better if your 4-10 cabinet is rated at 8 ohms.

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