SWR Grand Prix for sale

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  1. Greetings,
    i have an SWR Grand Prix preamp in excellent condition (living in a rack) and used maybe 12 times a year since I bought it new in the late 90's. It has the aural enhancer, clean FX loop, and the standard SWR EQ.
    i'm in Canada, and i can ship anywhere, based on terms of the sale. I'm asking $400 in U.S. Funds, and I can negotiate that as well.
    Please email me at the address provided through talkbass, or at
  2. ;) I swore I seen a SWR Grandprix for sale on activebass with the same price and details. :eek:
  3. yeah, that's me in activebass as well...just observing my options. I want to sell the darn thing!