No longer available SWR HEADLITE

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    IMO, one of the best products ever produced by Fender era SWR.

    This little guy can do it all from super clean high-fi studio to down-and-dirty grind. Yes, you heard right...this little guy can get nasty. The 12AX7 in these amps is NOT run as a starved plate/cathode follower. The gain control actually comes AFTER the first tube stage so you can make that 12AX7 sing sweetly or beg for mercy without clipping the solid state circuitry that follows it.

    The Aural Enhancer bypass feature defeats the selectable midrange scoop @200Hz (classic) or @600Hz (a la Marcus Miller) to give a flat preamp voicing.

    The one knob compressor in this amp is not the limiter found in the classic SWR amps. It is based on the same circuit used for the compressor in the Marcus Miller preamp.

    Other features incorporated into tbis amp include a balanced pre/post EQ tube DI, a parallel side chain effects loop, a mute switch and a semi-parametric EQ section.

    The amp is in excellent working condition. Cosmetically there are a some minor surface scratches but there is a small area between the direct out and effects return jacks that has been roughed up a bit (visible in the attached pics).

    In the interest of full disclosure, the left handle is a little loose. I would tighten the screws but they require the preamp board to be removed to do so. The minor amount of slack in the left handle has not changed in over a year of use, so I have left it alone.

    Price includes shipping to the continental USA.

    Payment accepted by PayPal only. Any associated taxes or brokerage fees on import are the responsibility of the buyer. The item will be shipped by USPS.

    Thanks for checking out my ad. :)

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