SWR Henry junior (4x8") two speakers died

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  1. Hi all,

    Nearly 10 years ago I bought this cab and had a lot of fine rehearsals and gigs with it. When the band stopped, it remained in a moldy rehearsal room for too long. The two bottom speakers made an awful noise and I took them out.

    I'm looking to get this cab resurrected. I just don't know how yet.

    1) what is the impedance now I took out half the speakers? 16 ohm or still 8 ohm?
    2) obviously playing these 2 drivers in a cabinet that is too big and has 2 extra holes in it will not be ideal. Can I just reduce the volume by half and make the port half surface and it should be ideal or doesn't it work like this?


    Can I find 4 8" speakers for a reasonable price that will sound decent in this cab?

    I've got a GK MB212 on the way, if I remade this 4*8 it would probably match better than 2*8 though the latter would also be very welcome to play on at home. And who knows, it might be good with the 2*12 as well.
    I dunno I'm pretty much a cabinet noob still after all those years. I've been pondering for nearly a week which cabinet I was going to get, looked at all <300€ ones mostly the ashdown and peavey 210 and 115, kustom 410, gk 212. I finally decided to get the peavey 210 with the thought of maybe adding a 115 or another 210 later when I saw it was rated at 4 ohms.:meh:
    I am happy I got the 212 in the end it seems like a fine cab for the money, low weight may prove very handy and it may be all I ever need in rehearsal and small gigs, bigger would me miked anyway... But now I'm already gassing to get this x*8 back up and running and planning to make myself a 115, 118 or 215 cabinet in the near future :rollno:
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    I have an swr goliath sr that had 2 bad speakers in it I replaced them with eminence basslites they sound great in the cab. I wanted to get swr pas speakers but they were too hard to find.
  3. Hm I've been preferring to get it back to its original 4*8 state but at the same time I don't have any money to spend on this now nor in the near future.
    Would I be able to get a nice sound with 4 different drivers in this cab, by just adjusting the port size?

    Simulations in WinISD have shown that the Eminence Alpha - 8" Speaker 125 W 8 Ohm can do some nice things. Almost goes down to 40hz at -3db in a well tuned box. Getting four of them will almost cost as much as the box costed me secondhand though... I guess fixing it will be an option to consider when I want an extra cabinet.
    In the meanwhile, can I play it with the extra volume and port holes without damaging the speakers that remain?
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    You should either get all 4 original speakers reconed (or at least the 2 bad ones), or replace all 4 speakers with 4 new ones of the same kind, and sell the 2 remaining good speakers, as well as the 2 bad ones (so someone else can recone them if they want).

    But you shouldn't use the cab at all until you get it fixed properly. There are a variety of reasons it's bad to run it with 2 speakers either not working, or just not even there.
  5. Damn I didn't know getting the speakers fixed was an option, they're long gone now...

    I believe you about it being bad for the speakers, did some simulations in WinISD and too big a volume means a big bump around the tuning frequency, and vents need to be the correct length or the cabinet isn't tuned correctly. I guess those 2 factors can place a lot of stress on the speakers if played, though maybe only bad if you're playing loud?

    I'll see if I can find some second hand original SWR speakers.
  6. Well it looks like the originals are hard to find and not quite cheap.
    So I guess i've got two options
    1) cut the cab in half and adjust the port, so I can have the original sound... This cab would have a 16 ohm rating, probably only useful for at home.
    2) sell the 2 speakers and buy 4 new ones hoping it will sound good. If I take the measurements of the Henry junior from the swr site I guess the box is around 105l. Those Eminence Alpha 8" 2 of them do very well in a 105l box, getting 45hz at -3db, 4 of them only 58hz at -3db. Maybe I should look for any size speaker that does best in a 105l box. Is there a faster way to do this other than entering all the parameters and simulating a cabinet for every speaker?
  7. Talk to don at LDS. I have a pair of 8's in my swr baby blue and they're awesome. The Henry jr is a classic cab. Don't cut it up.

    A recone would be a good option too.
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    I didn't think anyone else use these cabs but me. I love it!

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