SWR - Interstellar Overdrive

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  1. I'm looking in to adding more tube tone and sensitivity to my rig. Will "Stella" make a big difference? I'm not necessarily looking for major overdrive - though the capability might be nice. Any other tube preamps, etc. that can do the same?
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    Mar 29, 2000
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    I demo'd one for a while at the store once, and although I wasn't considering it for a stand alone pre-, I thought it sounded really good, I may still get one. I noticed that you sorta need a decent amount of output from your bass to drive the pre like it should be, i.e. there was a real difference between a 9v active bass and an 18v active bass in the way they caused the pre to respond. I suppose this is obvious, but this pre seems to respond to input level a little more "sensatively" than other pre-'s I've tried, and perhaps that's what you want. If your driving a tube power section, then it's even better. The real time control of the overdrive parameters is really cool too. Perhaps I'll go and give it another thought.