SWR LA12 UK Price

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by PanteraFan, Jul 17, 2001.

  1. Well, with the TE discontinutaion of the Boxer series, looks like my amp choices are out the window...:(

    I'm either stuck with a Peavey Basic 112(retails at £250, quite a bit out of my price range)...or a Carlsbro(ick).

    I was looking for 50W+ of amp, 12" speaker, for under £230($325)...but I ran into the SWR LA12. Retails on MF for $299...but not sure what the price in the UK would be...

    I know for a fact it's a better amp than the Peavey, Carlsbro, and probably even the Trace Boxer 65...but price is all that's stopping me...


    EDIT: LA12 lists at $399. But, I know an SWR dealer, will they be able to get it down to around £200?
  2. Don't know if I got ripped off or not as I didn't check out prices. But I had to pay £300 for an LA12.

    Lovely amp though.
  3. Hmm..that is way outta my price range...

    But, I've seen a TE Commando 12 on flyingpig for £269...if I was to walk into my local TE dealer they could probably get that down to around £250..I'd just use a little more cash.

    Now it just comes down to which is the better amp...BTW, I'd gladly pay an extra £20 or so for an extra 35W.
  4. I'd take a deep breath and pay the extra £50.

    I actually was after a Fender bassman 60 but I simply couldn't find anyone who had one in stock.

    Don't know how much they retail for though.