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SWR question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by StarchMan, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. StarchMan


    Jul 30, 2003
    Anyone here have experience with the Workingman's 8004 and the 8x10 Tower that matches? Sound files even? Is there that big of a difference between this and the 750x with teh Megoliath?
  2. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    I don't have specific experience with the amp or cab, but I do with the pro and mid-line SWR. but looking at the specs, the workingman will be lighter than the pro version, but the pro version will be 9db louder?? 3x the acoustic output per watt of power!!! if I'm interpreting the numbers right. and the pro stuff will be smoother and rounder sounding, and the workingman a bit more midrangey.

    $2700 pro vs. $1500 workingman

    are you willing to move around 110Lbs or 145 Lbs for EVERY GIG??? I'd suggest a 410 or a couple of 112s instead, when you get older you'll understand.

    I'm sure someone will let me know
  3. daran


    Jun 22, 2004
    The 750x is really better than the workingman head.But i didn t played with those cabs.
  4. daran


    Jun 22, 2004
    The 750X is really better than the workingman head.I didn t tried it with those cabs.
  5. StarchMan


    Jul 30, 2003
    See, I really like the Henry 8x8 cab, but it's power handling is not enough as a standalone cab with the 750x. As well, I'm not even sure there is a good SWR head to go with that cab alone.
    Any comments on this?
    I'm looking at switching from Ampeg V4B all tube to a good solid state rig with enough power to get over a drummer and a 50 watt all tube Marshall JCM 800 2204 through a 4x12.
    To be honest, the P-Nut tone of 311 and the Dirk Lance tone of Incubus are pretty much the perfect sound for what I play. However, I've recently seen P-Nut's new setup and it is a SWR 750x with Megoliath 8x10...but that cab is too heavy and it's all a bit pricey. Would an Eden 4x10XLT be a good substitute or best to stick with SWR?
  6. StarchMan


    Jul 30, 2003
    It says the SM500 can be paired with the Henry 8x8, but bridged mono, it exceedes the 480w rms. But when I read reviews, that's how people used it..hmmm
  7. You don't want to underpower a cabinet...that results in loss of headroom and solid-state distortion, which is bad. You can over-power a cabinet to a certain extent. You will have gobs of clean headroom for an 8x8 and unless you choose to play outside to 1,000 people with no PA support, you should be able to run the 8x8 to loud-yet-still-comfortable-levels-for-that-cabinet with no problem. (I'm putting 1,700 watts into a cabinet rated at 700...no distortion, and I do not crank it. I have the ability to blow up Pittsburg, but I'm smart enough not to.)
  8. I purchased the 8004 today. I haven't had time to give it a full work out, probably won't until Saturday. I'll post a review and hopefully pictures.

    FYI, the 8004 will be powering (2) Goliath Jr's, and a Sob.
  9. Is that the T.O.P. head? I saw Rocco Prestia (of Tower of Power fame) demo'ing that head with his signature Conklin at Namm two years ago. Really nice tone. Congrats!
  10. Thanks Mo. Yep, it's the T.O.P. I still haven't had a chance to give it a full workout...busy, busy. But so far I'm pretty pleased with the tone. I think it will cut through better then the Peavey Pro 500 that I was using. I'll be gigging with it 7-03...so I'll do a full review after.
  11. I completely agree, It's not about SWR, but I'm only 20, but to save my back and after I learn a lot from experienced ones, I chose to take 2 2*10 cabs instead of a 4*10!
    My back loves me.....

  12. I just did this. I prefer 410's, but my back doesn't like the weight. So I have (2) 2x10's.
  13. Update

    I didn't use my rig this past weekend, so the review is on hold. I jammed with another band and used their bass player's rig, a Carvin R600 head, with Carvin 2x10 and 1x15 cabinets. I have the same feelings for this rig as I did a year ago. It didn't impress me, but I didn't hate it either. It had a bland sound, that didn't do much for me...but it did cut through. The cabinets seem well balanced, very easy to handle. I wish I had my own rig but it was nice at the end of the gig to grab my basses and briefcase. I could get used to that !