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SWR service??????

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Tim Cole, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. Tim Cole

    Tim Cole

    Jun 12, 2002
    Findlay, Ohio
    Ok, I have heard how great SWR service is, but I am reallt beginning to have my doubts about them. My local SWR dealer (also a good friend), ordered me a newer chrome grill for my Henry the 8x8, over 3 months ago. 3 weeks went by, and still no grill. My dealer called them to get the skinny, and he was told they never received the order (which was bs, I was standing there when it was called in). More weeks went by, and still no grill, or word from anyone. Called again, we once again had to wait for a call back on it (they ALWAYS do that!!!!), said it should be on its way. Sereveral more weeks later, and tons of calls and excuses, no dice. I had to have him call in and order a couple replacement tweeters for the Henry (apparently no one else carries le son?). I had the tweeters put on rush delivery (that I had to pay for) to get them here by July 13th, we had a big gig and I wanted to use the Henry. No parts, no call. A week or so after that, I had my buddy call once again to get some more excuses from them. They claimed they had sent all the parts out to the stores old address, and UPS had returned the stuff. He has ordered SWR gear since the move, and has gotten it no problem, so we KNOW they have the correct address!!!!! The informed him they would "get on it and get it taken care of right away". Here I am going one yet another 3 weeks, with no parts, no call, and no explaination on their part. I personally sent SWR an e-mail to their service department, telling them if I don't get my parts by the end of THIS WEEK I will sell all my SWR **** and buy Eden. Sorry for rambling, I am just totally pissed, and fed up with their garbage, love the gear, but HATE being treated like this. PS., all the parts were paid for in advance by credit card. Kinda funny they got the address right for the bill, but not the parts isn't it? In case anyone that has anything to do with SWR that reads this board, this message is for you......YOU SUCK!
  2. Why would you want your classic SWR Engineering
    Henry 8x8 look like a SWR Sound Chrome?

    Is your diamond grill really messed up?

    SWR is notorious for not answering e-mail.

    You needed to contact SWR direct. The problem is your dealer.

    1. Call SWR service
    2. Order your part
    3. Tell 'em you need it right away
    4. Pay for it on a credit card

    Will arrive at your door pronto.

    That way you can make sure that they know it's a complete replacement or not, to they can ship just a grill, or a grill and the rubber stand-offs and screws... whatever.

    I've had excellent service from SWR over the past
    10 years when I deal with them direct.

    Oh yeah, you'll have to pay shipping, but it's worth it.

    No matter what you own (Eden too!), never go through the dealer for OEM parts!!!

    I got jacked-around by dealers regarding some Warwick parts I needed. Eventually contacted the
    distributor direct and got the parts right away and for free.

    SWR Henry parts (new cab corners) same thing.
    Dealer's suck. Direct contact works everytime.

    PLUS---Your name gets on the Company Computer Data Base. They can look YOU up and have a history of all the dealings you've had with them.

    So if you ever contact the company again, they know who you are! Know the Company Service Rep. who helps you and ask for the same guy everytime you call. If they don't provide you the service you expect... get the guy in trouble with the boss! Things will really move.

    Label Off and Looking Clean!

  3. ldiezman


    Jul 11, 2001
    I am having a similar problem.. I ordered my SWR IOD preamp a month ago.. it was supposed to take 2 weeks to get to my house.. I hasn't even gotten to the place I ordered it from.... The dealer I ordered from isn't giving me a rounaround bit or anything.. but SWR stated last week they would be shipping it out.. and as of yet they still haven't.. Now I needed it 2 weeks ago for gigging... but I've had to use my nemesis as a preamp.. which is ok.. but its not what I want to keep doing..

    Hopefully it won't take 3 months for my preamp to get here.. that wouldn't be good if i had to wait that long
  4. BTW: Been there, done that.

    That's why I order everything on-line a make sure they have it in stock (compare prices too).

    Dealers with store fronts can't compete with on-line prices.

    Unless they already have it stock and are clearing it out... your asking for delays.

    Always go to places where the item actually resides.

    Dealers w/o the item already in stock, order the part and are put a a priority list with a thousand other dealers ordering parts... and thus the wait.
  5. Tim Cole

    Tim Cole

    Jun 12, 2002
    Findlay, Ohio
    Well, here's the skinny. My email got myself a phonecall from SWR first thing Monday. Dave in customer service got me all taken care of. From the sound of it, I believe someone other than SWR probably dropped the ball on this case. My appologies for doubting them! I got my grille today, and everything is good to go. I'd like to thank Dave for taking time out of his day to make sure things went right. SWR RULES!!!!!! (again;)

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