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SOLD SWR SM-400S, $400 + Shipping from 02917

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by Count Bassie, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. Price negotiable.

    The classic SWR, pre-Fender, etc amp...

    Tube front-end, bi-ampable, mono or stereo, patching/bussing options. Sounds sweet as a warm memory, has pop, thunder, and breaking glass. SWR aficionados need no introduction. The amp will come in a like-new soft 3-space gig rack, with a power cable. As is, but it's a worker. I'll include the schematic for the much-noted Aural Enhance mod along with- which this head has not received.

    I've tried to sell this and balked... but I mean it this time. Seriously!


    Here she is at work:

    No trades please. I'd keep it but the whole formula just ain't working for me, so I'm changing everything. The Triad is gone...

    USPS money order or Paypal are fine.

    Thanks for looking in.
  2. basspipe


    Dec 19, 2004
    I used to have the same set-up. It was awesome. A very versatile and pro sounding rig that just loved my 70's p-bass and Sadowsky J.
  3. Hey, man... What izzit yer after, precisely? I just spent bout same cash, locally, fer a similar setup. That rig you have there is SWEET! But I know SWR gear fairly well, an may understand ya when ya say ya want somethin different entirely. Wish I was near ya, Rog. Good luck wit da sale.
  4. Hey man! I've been interested in a small-but-potent combo. There's a Markbass CMD in my neighborhood, as well as an SWR Redhead (Super). I have the old steps problem at home, and anything 'big' becomes a cursing burden. I need the gear thing to stop, and I swear it will- as soon as I can negate the logistics hassles and it's something that handles the volume/presence issue. And sounds nice...

    I'll ship... ;)

    How you been dude? Still out west?
  5. Nah, man. Thot I told ya... Back east an things goin well. I plan on returnin ta SLC in future. But fer the moment, things good. Cept the rain. I hadda leave my trusty Redhead in SLC. Fer size reasons. If you lookin for an easy carry? The Redhead is out. Yer Triad lighter, an I'm always a proponent of two light trips vs one heavy. I LOVE the Redhead. Mebbe the best amp ever made. But they aren't light. I am not a Markbass fan, but I can get good sounds out of their gear. It'd be my choice forya, if I were you. But the more powerful GK MB combos, 210 an 212, would be the ultimate. imho. Hope all goin well fer you.
  6. Hey, yeah I remember now you did say you were back this way. I need to buy you a Guiness, hear a road yarn... and thanks for the rec's- I'm open to the GK as well. Light, and punchy, ayup. I'm workin' my way down Wheel-Deal Blvd, we'll see what I turn up with.
  7. Doin' the morning Bump. The Triad has been traded, the SM-400S remains.
  8. Are you feeling it? I'm feeling it...
  9. And up...
  10. Travellin' that Bumpy Road...
  11. Back up there.
  12. Still looking to move this one. And if I don't, I won't be sad, but it's here. So far...
  13. Bumpin'.
  14. Got needs, gotta Bump. Still hoping to see $400+, but I'm prepared to field offers. Paypal ok, USPS money order a favorite...
  15. Still Bumpable.
  16. Bumpify...

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