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  1. I wa son the SWR website, and I was looking at the SM-900, which is their biggest or something. It said that, run in stereo, it delivered 400 watts "per side". What do they mean by "per side"? Does that mean it would deliver 400 watts to two seperate cabs, or does it mean I could get 800 watts with just the amp and a 6x10?

    Plus, does mono actually sound that much better than stereo with one cab? Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
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    It goes like this:
    A Stereo Amp is like having 2 Mono Amps.
    each one has to run a cab by itself.

    There is sometimes an Option called "Bridging" that internally wires the amp so they work as 1 Mono Amplifier, summing the power output of both units.
    In that case you could run one Cab and put all the 800 Watts to that.

    Hope that helps.