1. Selling my SM 900 in excellent shape
    Three years old, kept in rack and rarely gigged. Went to preamp-power amp setup and it sits in my house. Have manual and footswitch.
    $950 obo, buyer pays shipping. Will consider trades for Stingray 4, '68-72 Jazz

    Also have Dean Q5 Bass in mint shape for sale...$350 obo
  2. Price is negotiable...
  3. I'll trade you my stingray 4 for your SM-900!
  4. I'll pass, I prefer rosewood Fretboards. Check your PM. Good luck
  5. $900???? Anyone?
  6. ... Still willing to trade you that stingray! :D ;)
  7. ughh

  8. BassFiddle63


    Oct 4, 2002
    How about a Ampeg SVT 4 Pro mounted in a Ampeg Pro Series rack enclosure with a custom Tuki cover?

    See Pic....
  9. I have a SVT4 already, thanks for the offer.