SOLD SWR Triad, $325

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  1. I've grown weary of being in Limbo about what I'm playing through... and while I've been tapping my fingers I've been learning, despite myself, how to dial this little beastie in. I've learned it's indeed a useful box. So... the thread is now closed!

    [DEL]Beautiful cab, in good health. Enough to get out and stand alone with. Just not my cannon

    I've got a couple other useful, good-sounding items up here for sale as well, including an Ampeg PF500 for $275. Shipping for the Triad might be a row to hoe, but hey. If you're willing, I am.[/DEL]


    SWR Triad:



    GigRigoutside_zps1151e86f.jpg More pix'll come along, or PM if interested.

    [DEL]Add shipping from 02917 to $275 for either. Local (RI/New England area) cab trade offers fielded... thanks for looking in.[/DEL]
  2. BigDBass

    BigDBass PWIYB!

    Nice cab.
    Copy/pasted specs for anyone interested:
    • 4-ohm, 400W, 3-way speaker enclosure
    • 15" woofer, 10" mid driver, and tweeter.
    • 23"W x 27"H x 18.5"D. 80 lbs
  3. Thanks for the thoughtful addendum there, bigdbass...
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