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  1. Hey guys...a month or so ago, I was doing a blues gig (sound engineering) and the bassist of one of the groups showed up with somehting I had never seen before. He had a GK 800rb, Ampeg 8x10, and this little box, about 18"x5"x8". It had four tweeter mounted in it, with two facing front, and the two outside ones facing out at 45 degree angles. kindalike this:

    looking down from top



    with the *'s being tweeters.

    It was made my SWR, Had the SWR input plate on it and everything. I've never heard of this. Have you? I'm kinda interested in it now, cause my brand new rig lacks some high end (not bad, but I don't like boosting all my eq all the time.) and I'd like to see if I couldn't run this off the biamped high out of my pre with one of my poweramps. Anyone know what it is, and/or where I can get it?
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    It's possible it was custom or that it was built from SWR parts. Like you, I've never heard of such a box.

    Hartke used to make a cabinet like that, though.
  3. I just emailed Bryan Beller, so i'll get back to you on what he says.
  4. Thanx!

    what was that about a hartke box? was it any good?
  5. I know that Trace Elliot used to have one of these too--it was in the Dough Wimbish ad that ran for a really long time a few years back.

    I don't really like the SWR horn (too brittle for me), so this kind of box would be a nightmare to me!
  6. Bryan Beller said that they have never made one ever. He said maybe someone stenciled SWR on it for kicks.
  7. Hmm. No, it most defenitely wasn't just something stenciled on. I'm trying to remeber here, but It was either a SWR input plate, or and input plate w/ tweeter attnuator. It could definitely have been a proprietory box with a cannibalized SWR part.

    ON a side note; does anyone have a suggestion for a cab that i can add to my two 1x12's that will add some highs? I'm not looking for something big, for sure...maybe small 1x10 at largest. Perhaps I could build a box with a horn...Hmmm...I'll have to start a thread on that, I think...
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    Atomic Music in College Park, MD (Washington DC suburb) has the Trace Elliott "bright box" in stock. If I recall, I think they're asking $250 for it. It has 4 high frequency drivers in a straight line array. If interested call 1-301-474-5752. happy hunting