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SWR Workingman 12 help

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Xavier, Oct 6, 2000.

  1. Xavier


    Jan 3, 2000
    I just got a used 12' workingman combo and need to know something. I want to run it with a Zoom effects pedal. Do I plug the pedal into the processor input on back of the amp? I'm sure someone here has this amp. The thing is really loud!!!
  2. MJB


    Mar 17, 2000
    Your amp has an effects loop on the back panel. Connect the send jack to your effect input and your effect output to the receive jack. There is also an effects blend control on the amp to let you adjust how much of your effect is getting into the signal chain. Didn't you get a manual with your amp? :confused: It's all in there. If you don't have one you can get it on SWR's website.
  3. winston

    winston Supporting Member

    May 2, 2000
    Berkeley, CA
    I had a WM-12 for a while but I discovered after I bought it that the fx loop sends a high-level signal that was too hot for my Boss pedals and caused them to distort. Reducing the input level solved this problem but then the tone suffered and the signal-to-noise ratio got worse, so I just ended up plugging the fx into the front input. I wish more manufacturers would put level controls on the fx loop so this wouldn't be a problem...
  4. Xavier


    Jan 3, 2000
    Thanks MJB.. i like that option of controlling the effects level. It actually helped hiss and feedback on my standard fender jazz.
  5. Xavier


    Jan 3, 2000
    I have another ?. The manual says you can add a sound source to the receive jack to play along with pre-recorded music. Can a cd-player or tape deck be used?
  6. the fx loop on the WM12/15 will take any line-level device (CD/MD players, drum machines, etc). some fx loops suck with tuners - my ampeg b2r fx loop is lousy, maybe it's too high a gain or something, but i do get different results when tuning from the fx loop than i do from the front input.
  7. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    The effects loop on my SWR Basic Black sucks with the 506, sounds great plugged into the input.

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