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  1. yea...i was wondering if anyone has experience with this. i dont really know what bass is goin to be my next bass so i need some help. i play metallica, the doors, some punk, more metal i.e. megadeth,iron maiden,godsmack. not really sure if a p bass is good for all this. honestly ive never heard a p bass by itself or jazz bass by itself :meh: .any help/oppinions is appreciated. josh
  2. thanks but uh...i dont wanna read stuff from back then and go through all that. id much prefer to hear from someone who has the bass now or has played know what i mean.josh
  3. invisiman


    Feb 22, 2004
    Then go to the end of the thread... :meh:
  4. well being the idiot that i am just realized what thread that was. i go to that thread at least once every day and not much help has been there as far as what im looking for. sorry for the previous post.
  5. DOES ANYONE WANT TO HELP ME BESIDES POSTING OTHER THREADS PLEASE!!! i never get any responses that are direct from anybody here...but other people do...why is this?