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  1. jaffa110


    Mar 8, 2006
    Hey guys Ive been playing bass about a year now and ive only had my own bass for about 8 weeks... it was a yamaha RBX-170 that i got for $375 AUD.. but i got a lemon and whilst my replacement is in the mail already i am seriously put off... also my sound has changed from gnr and acdc to a bit more varied, i.e green day, living end, led zeppelin, blues and pub rock etc. and the yamaha has a really modern look and sound... i was looking at trading it in for a SX P-Bass or Jazz copy. Can anyone give me some info on these instruments (especially in regard to getting them in Aus) or suggest any other brands that would be good? i would describe myself as intermediate level... my band is starting to get a few gigs so i need to make my decision and get a reliable bass soon :D
  2. Welcome to TB. Please learn to use the search forum and thread facilities - they are your friend. The SX thread is here:

    It currently has about 5700 posts so if you search it, you may find what you need. If not, that thread may be a good place to ask.