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  1. This is the bass that taught me to love fretless.

    The reason I feel justified asking almost as much for this used bass as Rondo charges for new is the Gotoh 206 bridge. No ordinary bridge - this has individually adjustable string spacing, LOCK DOWN saddles, and string-through body option. Lastly, the black bridge matches perfectly with the sunburst body finish, don't you think? Go to this page for information:

    Sorry for the looong URL, but it's the only place that still posts information about this sadly discontinued bridge.
    Enough about the bridge.

    The neck (most important) is wonderfully straight, and is easy to maintain with just the right amount of relief for that fretless "mwah." The fingerboard has never even seen anything other than flatwound strings so it looks almost new. I had a luthier custom-tailor the nut for the medium TI flats I use. The body is 100% alder, finished in a very nice sunburst.
    The pickup has been restored to a stock SX pickup (it had a Dimarzio "P" that I scavenged for another SX project bass).
    Here's a link to Rondo's web page for this bass: I recommend this axe to anyone who wants to try fretless like I did; or who wants a "second" fretless. With the Dimarzio and Gotoh bridge and TI flats, the only way up from this was a Warmoth and Villex-based custom bass. Which is what I use now.
    This axe really is in very nice condition, I wouldn't lie to a fellow TB'er!
    I'd like to get $100.

    PS - Considering the hit-or-miss quality control issues with SX, at least this one has stood the test of time - another plus!
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