SOLD SX Short Scale Ursa 1 Jr. Bass - Old Headstock

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    Hello TB!

    Bought this in August and haven't played it for more than 10 minutes. Nice quality short scale for a good price, and with the old (and much better looking) SX headstock to boot. There are some very small dings/chips; some that have been repaired. 7.9 lbs. according to the posting I bought it from. Small amount of pot scratchiness.

    $150 Shipped CONUS in original SX gig bag.

    Posting I bought it from: SOLD - SX Short Scale Ursa 1 JR Bass, Old Headstock $150 ship'd

    PM me with questions/to get it movin'. Thanks for looking.
    IMG_0328.jpg IMG_0330.jpg IMG_0331.jpg
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