SyFy Channel "Ascension" - SPOILER (sort of)

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    So, just finished watching Ascension on SyFy.
    I know it's not done running on the left coast, so PLEASE be aware this is a spoiler thread.

    I pretty much enjoyed it, only 6 hours total, so not a big investment, and the premise was great. I enjoyed 3 levels of the plot line, but the 4th, the supernatural aspect with the little girl, was just so odd/undeveloped/out of place with the pragmatic nature of the rest of the set up.

    It's kinda like they threw Capricorn 1, Babylon 5, Logan's Run, Titanic, and X-Files in a blender, and then at the last second said "Oh what the hell, throw Firestarter in there, too".

    The main reason I started this thread was to ask questions: What the (expletive deleted) happened at the end? Seriously. Rain everywhere? What was in the "pool"? What "works"? Why did the little girl send her only friend to die alone in space?

    I think it would have played so much better as a 3 season series BBC style, rather than trying to pack it all into 6 hours. So much plot fodder left untapped in the caste system of the crew, the corporate hierarchy of the the people on the outside, the experiments and genetic manipulation that resulted in the electrogirl, just tons of stuff that would seemingly make for good stories/TV, and they squandered it in a McMiniseries format.

    And what was up with the random ghosts leading people around?

    Not bad, but definitely way too ambitious for it's own good. The parade of nice butts helped, though.
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    Jun 30, 2003
    Upstate NY
    Endorsing Artist: Karl Hoyt Basses
    I guess I'm the only one who bothered to watch, lol.
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    From what I've read, this might become a regular series. I think SyFy had that in mind from the beginning. It probably depends on what sort of ratings it got though.
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    The rain was explained; I do not claim the explanation is plausible...
    The CO2 scrubbers (lithium dioxide) work by disassociating the carbon; this leaves the oxygen free to form H2O. By distributing the lithium dioxide throughout the ship, this reaction was uniform. How do they recapture the LiO2 to put back in the scrubber room? This is a technical detail left to a sequel...

    The girl sent Gault to her only known goal: Proxima.

    The ghost could be explained as a manifestation of a subliminal knowing. (This is also known as a 'plot device' ...)