Synth/Keyboard Bass?

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  1. I know this isn't bass guitar-related per se, but bear with me :)

    How many of you also play synth/keyboard bass along with bass guitar? What kind of synth basses do you use? How do you integrate it with your setup (esp since bass guitar and synth bass require different EQ settings)? Do you easily switch from one to another?

    Keyboard is my first instrument and bass is my second. I sometimes play a Minimoog or an virtual analog synth like the Yamaha AN1x to compliment my bass guitar setup. I don't care what kinds of pedals you use, synth bass can create tones nothing else can.
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    After our keyboard player quit, I added a Roland PK-5A midi controller and an E-mu Proteus synth. I only use it occasionally - for sound effects, thickening up parts of songs, and holding the bottom down when I play something busy.

    I usually go direct into the PA. The hardest part for me is balancing while I'm playing!
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    May 25, 2011
    You may know this, but you can generate synth sounds from your bass; there are "mount-in" choices as Roland GK-3B or 'built in" by integrating piezo electric pickups in the bridge and having a "13 pin" output from your bass.

    Then a GI-10, Gi-20 or Axon conveter and then through midi to your favorite hard/soft synthesizer

    I use RmC pickups, an Axon, midi to a firewire Motu, a Mac and Reaktor/Kore/Absynth/Kontakt, a perfectly effective combination
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    Is that polyphonic?
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    I use a Novation ks4 and Maudio venom synths for anythong bass synth, pads, fx, bass guitar substitute voices, backdrops, etc. Synths go to mixer as does bass guitar from its processor. Levels and eq for each instrument set at mixer with enough leeway that synths volume control can still be used as needed.