Synth pedal help for prog bassist but synth pedal newbie...:)

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  1. Hey guys,
    I have always wanted a bass synth pedal set up but haven't got around to buying one. GAS for new basses or amps has always gotten the better of me. ;)
    But I realized the other day that we have a couple of IPads lying around and I wondered if it would be possible to download a virtual synth onto an IPad and trigger the sounds with one of the Keith M. 12 step pedals and have the sound go to one of my amps? I apologize if this is old news I would love to hear if some of you are currently doing this and what you are using? What cables or interfaces will I need? I'm looking for a fat analogish Taurus pedal sound.
    Thank you in advance,
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    You want the Moog Animoog app then. I'm running it (without a controller - actually I use the app as a controller as well) to do the same.

    I believe you need the camera connection kit to hook it up... but the best place to find that out would be in the Moog Music forum. There is an app specific section that many users have addressed this in.
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    I just use a Sampson 49 keyboard through a camera connection kit. As long as the Keith M 12 works with Midi over USB, it should work just fine. I don't have the Animoog apps, but I have a couple of free ones that I really like.

    Check out SynthMaster. I really like this one. It comes with a ton of free sounds, and if you want to pay you can get a bunch of extra sounds.
    SynthMaster Player by KV331 Audio
    SynthMaster Player on the App Store

    Another great one is Novation Launchkey. Also free, and a bunch of crazy sounds and controls.
    Novation Launchkey by Novation
    Novation Launchkey on the App Store

    I also really like the TF7 app.
    TF7 Synth by Pier Lim
    TF7 Synth on the App Store

    All of those have in app purchases, so you can spend as much as you want, but you can get started with them for free. You should also get Garage Band. Their latest upgrade out a stripped down version of Alchemy, which is pretty awesome (at least in Logic, I haven't tried it in GarageBand).
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  5. So you're using a keyboard controller then? So you go USB out of the keyboard into your IPad? Why would I need midi then?
    And what cables are you using to hear it live? Mini plug to 1/4?
    Thanks in advance,
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    Midi is what it sends over USB to control the apps. I checked out the Keith McMillen 12 step, and it's the same thing. You could also plug it directly into other Midi devices, like if I had the correct cable I could plug my keyboards into my Future Impact.

    For connecting it, I just run a regular headphone jack to a 1/4 plug. That way I can run it directly into my computer interface, or more often than not, into my pedal board.

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  7. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.
    Take care,
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    Absolutely. I had the same thought some months back, and integrating my iPad into my setup has been a lot of fun. Depending on how weird you want to get (or in depth), there are a lot of other noise type apps too.
    I also use a little Behringer 4in1out mixer, and put my board/iPad/Korg keyboard into my ditto, and it allows you to make pads with the iPad apps, and lay down some keys backing tracks and then groove out on bass.
    I actually kind of want to get a 12 step so I can try doing it all at once.:)
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  9. I've just recently added an iPad to my set up, so there's some good info here for me , thank you all
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