Sziget festival - Gary Wilis live

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    I just spent a week at Sziget festival in Hungary (I'm sure some of you have heard of it ;P) and I was just reminded of the second night I was there. All my friends had went to bed / got lost, and I walked into the Jazz tent on my own... and sat down about 2 foot from the stage. There was this scruffy-bearded guy with a cap on playing a 5 string bass (couldn't quite work out what model) and he was totally amazing... afterwards the saxaphonist introduced everyone in hungarian, then said "Gary Wilis on bass"...

    I couldn't believe I was sat that far away from him! And for just randomly walking in as I was passing it too! He was pretty amazing... something I'll defo aspire to, although he did look in pain quite a few times when he was at the top end shreading those notes ;P

    Just thought I'd share it... I've got new inspiration now! :D
  2. Bruce Lindfield

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    I expect he was being 'critical' about his fretless intonation!! ;)
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    If only he really knew...!