T-40 Owners: Anyone Else Got This?

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  1. I bought a T-40 from a TBer a while ago, and I noticed something I hadn't read about before.

    With the bridge pickup soloed, the phase switch affects the tone. I didn't pay much mind to this, but today it finally hit me.

    The phase switch acts as a coil selector for the bridge pickup when it's soloed.

    Is this common knowledge and I'm completely oblivious to it in all the posts I've read about these, or is it possible that mine has been modded?



    Does anyone know of a workout routine or exercises to help with handling heavy basses?

    This is a serious question!

    I'm 5'6" and weigh around 120. M T-40 weighs more than 10% as much as I do! It's a bit of a challenge to keep it on for long gigs.
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    Jul 18, 2003
    You're quite right. This is how Chip Todd himself put it on the T-40 Appreciation forum:

  3. Awesome! I think it's a pretty significant difference. I did a ton of reading and years of telling myself to get one, but somehow I missed this detail.