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T-Bird Pickups- '63-'69

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by OVERDRIVEN66, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. I'm looking for 63-69 old style Gibson Thunderbird pickups and trim rings for a project bass I'm restoring. Can be nickel or chrome, working or not! Also, just the covers would help! Thanks, and I'm looking forward to being with my fellow bro bass players!!
  2. Yeah, good luck. I've been looking for a few years now. The first ones are the good ones, and those that know won't let go of them, or will for ridiculous amounts of coin.

    I saw a live 60's pup on EBay a year ago, and it went for 3 hundred. ONE pickup. I have not seen one since. The last I saw was just a cover, and I own that one. I see the trim rings from time to time.

    If you can find one, Chandler used to make a dead ringer for those pups. They refuse to make any more.

    Seymour Duncan will custom-shop repros (look only) for about 150 a piece. They don't sound the same, but they do sound nice.

    SlinkP on here has one, but he ain't giving it up. I believe he bought the one I saw on tha 'Bay...could be wrong tho.

    Epiphone Embassador pups are the same from that era, but if you see one, guarantee you'll be fighting me for it. :D
  3. I had Seymour rewind a couple of dead ones for me about a year ago and they sounded great. You say he makes repros?
  4. I have inquired about it thru a dealer, and was quoted a price.

    This was a year ago. Find a dealer and ask them if the custom shop is willing to do it.
  5. the ones with the brick of black guck holding the opposing coils together? How did he get them apart???
  6. They were the 63-69 style pickups. I bought a non-reverse broken body and the dead pickups from a bud of mine and totally restored it. Seymour did a KILLER job. Charged me $265 for both rewinds and replacing the trashed bobbins in one pickup. I have an 'in' to the custom shop and I'll check into the 'repros'. Thanks for the info!!!
  7. I also contacted Chandler and you are right. They absolutely refuse to make these pickups. I also contacted the distributor in Japan for Greco guitars and he has no access to the Greco parts at all. The Greco pickups are pretty spot on looks wise, have no idea on how they sound. The Barts I'm told sound OK, but you can't get 'em in chrome. SOMEBODY PLEASE make these freekin' pickups!
  8. I currently have a Bart in my non-reverse homebuild. It sounds really nice...a bit too smooth, but I don't preamp it.

    I use it primarily as fuzzbass, and for this it excells, tho the clean tone is nice and round and warm.

    Bummer, yes, on the no-chrome jobby. Same with EMG's version.
  9. Hmmmm.

    Anybody got any pictures of these pups? I don't think I've ever seen them up close so I've got no idea how they're constructed.

    Any info would be appreciated thanks!
  10. McD- check your email
  11. Mon R- Got a homebuild non-reverse, huh? I'm currently putting one together. Got any pix? Maybe we can share some info on our builds? Mine is going to be an EXACT clone of the '67 IV I recently sold.
  12. I have some pics, sure...next time I'm on a decent server, I'll get 'em to you. Min isn't an exact copy, it's an homage piece. Sort of a nod to two of my fave players (Entwistle & Watt) So it's non reverse like Watt's blue beastie, but has a Fender style neck. A Fenderbird of sorts. I cnc'd the body outline and did the pup / control routing with my own templates, but ever one to have something fully mapped out, I never know how it'llturn out until the muse hits me...

    The non-rev is my favorite body style ever too, so it was a no-brainer. Someday when I'm fully adept at making necks from scratch (instead of working mock-ups that are about 3/4 playable but more experiments...I'm so lazy ) I will make a full-on replica. But as you say, the parts are rare, and I'm no bottomless wallet...
  13. The one I'm building will be an exact clone of the '67 IV I sold last year. I'm using a Warmoth neck but will glue it in. Got the 'paddle' headstock so I could do the headstock like the orig. Made the tune-o-matic exact by a machinist buddy of mine. Mahogany body, but Warmoth wouldn't build the neck in mahogany so had to use Bubinga. Allparts has a tailpiece that is pretty close to the orig. and I got some really nice pickguard material. I make the Bird emblems (dry transfers) for the pickguards so it should be REAL CLOSE to looking spot on. Now, if I can get the FREEKIN' PICKUPS, it will be a done deal. I have played non-reverse Birds since the early 70's and for what I play which is hard rock stuff, it is THE bass for me. There is that 'magic' you can't get even from a great old P-Bass, and that is saying a lot!
  14. pm sent.

    My harddrive died on last friday so replies are going to be little delayed until I setup my new harddrive. Man I hate doing that. 27 gig of programming tools and software.