T.C Electronic cabs awkward to carry

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    So I've had an RS210 for about 6 months and though I like the sound, and the weight of it, I find it awkward to move because of where they chose to put the handles. Anybody else feel this way about the cabs?

    I might get rid of it and go back to the Eden/peavey/Trace Elliot/SWR stuff I had before, because the sound is equally as good, but even though its light It is just more of a hassle to load and unload then heavy gear with handles in better places.
  2. I actually LOVE the form facter of the RS210, and it is one of the best sounding 210's out there IMO. Handles seemed well placed to me, although I used a small cart most of the time.

    I did install rubber feet on the bottom, which kept the bottom from getting chewed up and also made a more stable platform on stage. Other than that, I found it pretty perfect.

    I agree, if you are trying to 'one hand it', the handles don't work well for that. Too heavy for me to carry it that way anyway.
  3. The RS210 is a pretty neat cab. I like the form factor, style, and more importantly, the tone.

    Its not super light, but fairly easy to move. The RS212 is a difficult one though, but I don't have one anymore.
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    Nov 25, 2004
    I just grab em by the two side handles, pull it up against my chest and walk it in. Not super light but the schlep is real easy to me.

    I don't use my two RS210 cabs alot; not sure why. Prolly cause my GB Neox 212T is even easier to haul around and at 4 ohms, I usally only need one of the two 212T cabs I own. But I did use the two RS210's this past weekend at a Houston blues club for my bands CD release party there. I decided to use the two cabs, stacked vert, with my GB Streamliner 900; 55-02D bass.

    Walking in as I stated I just grabbed each cab outta back of SUV and walked them in one at a time. I place a thick cloth towel btw top/bottom cabs to not scratch em and feels more solid. I've used them before without the towel and no scratches occured but I just do it more now to be safe.

    I did buy the nice TC-RS covers for them so they've stayed in like new condition since I got em last sumer. But leaving the club that nite I got lazy and stacked them both vert on my folding cart to move them both out at the same time. DRAT! The exit door had a slight decline I had not noticed earlier and both cabs went toppling off my cart as I made my turn just outside the door. :rollno: Was in too much of a hurry and just tired from the great gig we just did.

    I checked the cabs the next morning for damage thinking they would be all scraped up or chipped up badly. Just some abrasion on the front bottom of the top cab; it pretty much fell on its' side then bounced abit. Can't find any marks on the lower cab as it just fell onto its side. The covers were abit dusty from the concrete, no tears or rips. Whew!

    Guess the covers did their job well; glad I bought them. OH YEAH, the rig again, STM-900+2xRS210's+55-02D just souded awesome in the club; no PA support for me. Think I'll use them more often.