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T.I. Users, your opinions....

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by SoyBase, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. SoyBase


    Jul 1, 2001
    Atlanta, Ga
    So I've been using DR Nickel Sunbeams and Steel Fat Beams in 45-105 for years now. Needless to say, I love them.

    I keep hearing about how great the TI's are and how long they last. Long lasting being a big plus considering my strings go dead pretty quick (acidic sweat)

    If I were to get some TI Powerwounds, would the extra .02 make a difference at all? I know this is a bit picky, but does this make the strings feel heavier than a normal .45?

    Also, how long could I expect for these babies to last? Right now, I can use the Sunbeams for around 1-2 months before changes.

    Thanks in advance..

    Oh, yeah, the search turned up nothing regarding this.


  2. Tommy, they will last longer but you can do some things to make sure that all your strings last even longer.

    Wipe your strings down every time you use them. Use alcohol swipes to clean your strings every once in a while, (swipes allow you to clean the string while still on the bass.) Use PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer, it has alcohol in it and can be carried to any gig or rehearsal and you can clean your hands before you play, it really helps acidic hands and sweat!



    The extra .02 gauge isn't big enough to notice a real difference at all, IMHO. I think you would welcome the change.

    I would think the TI's would last at least twice your normal mileage......BUT I wouldn't promise it! Acidic skin reacts differently to different metals, so try them, if they work you'll save money in the long run, if they don't work, your curiosity will have been fulfilled!

    Good Luck!

  3. SoyBase


    Jul 1, 2001
    Atlanta, Ga
    Thanks Treena!

    I've used the alcohol swabs thing a long time now and that works great (very easy as well) . I use the hand sanitizer stuff all the time, but I never thought about using it before a gig.

    My problem lies in the "sweaty hands/fingers". I sweat pretty heavily, so a little string maintenance is going to have to be in order.

    I'm thinking I'm going to have to make the TI leap. I've been reading on the 'pit about the SuperAlloys that will be available in 45-105 soon, so I may be on to something. I'll never know until I try, right?

    Thanks again

  4. Yeah, I've been watching that thread too.

    Hope you have some luck with these new strings. You're right, you'll never know until you ty them!

    Good luck Tommy!

  5. bassmonkeee


    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA
    Hey, Tommy-- You are more than welcome to play my Bongo with Powerbass strings on it. I'm playing this Saturday night in Decatur at Birdi's from 9-12-ish, and there is no cover. Feel free to swing by to play it between sets.
  6. SoyBase


    Jul 1, 2001
    Atlanta, Ga
    Sweet Jason! I love that place..They have GREAT food! My girl and I will try and swing by, for sure.

    Actually, did you have the Powerbass strings on the bongo at the last GTG? If so, I'll have to put my order in for some this week..I bet they would be a VERY nice match for my 79 Stingray


  7. Tommy you can purchase those SuperAlloys online now, I just received this email about 5 minutes ago.

    Hello list member,

    Thomastik-Infeld is introducing a new product to their line of
    world-class bass guitar strings and www.bassguitarstrings.us is among
    the first retailers to carry them. Currently, we have the 4 string set
    (gauged 45 65 85 105) and will be adding the other sets as they become

    From the Infeld site:

    "Infeld bass strings are handmade in Vienna, Austria using only highest
    quality materials and deliver a full, well-rounded bass, throaty mids
    and solid treble without brittleness. Our Magnecore winding combined
    with a pure nickel layer ensures a warm vintage tone with modern
    definition. Plus, they are easier on your fretwork than stainless or
    all-steel strings. "

    Here's the direct link:

    $34.00 a set for the 4 String Gauge: 45 65 85 105

    -- Tom Appel


    Well, I'm ordering a set, just because I want to see what they feel like! Can't beat 34.00 for TI's!

  8. SoyBase


    Jul 1, 2001
    Atlanta, Ga
    Just ordered a set..

    Thanks a LOT for the info!

    I can't wait to try these out... :D
  9. Any recommendations for this combination?

    34" scale ... 4 strings only ... finger style ... musical styles from 1945 to 2005 ...
  10. slugworth

    slugworth Banned

    Jun 12, 2003
    So. Calif.
    >>>> How long strings last depends on several factors including body chemistry. One thing for sure, however,
    if you wipe 'em down after you play, they'll probably last
    longer. Be careful with alcohol from the drugstore, it usually
    contains ACETONE, which can harm or dull certain finishes.
    For years, I used the cologne I got as gifts and didn't like to
    clean my strings. I've used GHS Fast Fret now for years, it
    works great to clean strings and extend their life a few hours.

    Good luck
  11. bassmonkeee


    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA
    I think it had Slowounds on it at that point, but I can't be certain.

    I really want to check out a set of the new TIs, but I need a 5 string set. :crying: I think they'll be perfect for my new fretless Bongo! :hyper:
  12. lump


    Jan 17, 2000
    St. Neots, UK
    Argh. I LOVE the TI Flats I put on a few weeks ago, but I miss slapping more than I thought I would. Actually, the flats do a decent job except for the A string, which is pure toneless thunk. Unfortunately, I get tons of finger noise from rounds--my hands are like sandpaper. The advertised flexibility and smoothness of the Superalloys look like a great compromise, especially since with my naturally-Purelly hands I can already get 6 months out of other rounds, easy. When the fives come out, I'm gonna give 'em a shot as my last try at rounds. If they don't work out, screw it--back to flats. I'm tired of chasing my tail. :meh:
  13. Mike Dimin

    Mike Dimin

    Dec 11, 1999
    The TI's are great strings. One thing that makes them last longer is the fact that outer winding is of a very small diameter and tightly wound. The JR's feel almost like flats and last forever. I usually change them when it is time to oil my fretboard.

  14. Mike Dimin

    Mike Dimin

    Dec 11, 1999
    The Jazz Rounds are a great sounding, very versatile string. They also have a wonderful feel, and even tension (although very light). Give them a try.


  15. I play a Carvin Claro Walnut six and an old Fender P with TI flatwounds and love it. Long lasting and sound better with age IMO. In fact the flats on my Carvin are over 6 months old and I still play it every day. I dislike the sound of new strings, and believe that tone is in your fingertips anyway. IMO the strings produce a nice organic "woody" sound that's very pleasing and rich in even order harmonic overtones...maybe the silk inner wrap haelps that, I dunno, but I like them.
  16. Gretschluvr


    Jun 8, 2004
    I put my first set of TI JF-344 flats on my new bass tonight. I thought they would not have good lows due to the smaller gauge....FAR FROM IT! These things possess big fat lows...they have the best sound (similar to Roto Sound flats which only last 3 weeks before they loose the round wound sound).

    I have heard lots of people state these strings are less tension but I really do not notice that much difference. They are very easy playing and are clear sounding.

    So far, I am impressed! :hyper: :bassist: :)

    And Thanks to Treena for posting Steve Barr's link...
    Very good Service and nice guy!
    I will order from him again.

  17. lump


    Jan 17, 2000
    St. Neots, UK
    Eureka! These strings are it! Finally!

    After much dithering I ordered a set of TI JRs as my absolute LAST try at rounds. I thought about the Superalloys, but Mike's comments in this thread and others swayed me towards the Jazz Rounds. The JRs are IT. They speak effortlessly without a bunch of clank, and sound great for slap. They also have the low mids of the Jazz flats, which I love. They feel completely different from any other round I've played. For my hands, on my bass, these strings are PERFECT. And based on the experience of others, with my supah-dry hands I suspect I can get a year or so out of them. I am very happy. Thanks, Mike! :cool:
  18. I notice they are high tension. Even more so than the PowerBass model.

    My TI Flats are still going strong, 3+ years.
  19. bassmonkeee


    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA
    Which are high tension? The Jazz Rounds, Jazz Flats, and Superalloys all have less tension than the Powerbass strings.

    I have sets of all 4 types on different basses. I can't wait for my fretless Bongo to show up and I put this set of Superalloys that I have waiting for it. :hyper:

    You simply can't beat TI strings. Period.