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T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon gets hot!

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Chaddycakes, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Hey guys

    I just got this pedal power supply, and I love everything about it except that it gets pretty darned hot. I haven't left it running for 12hrs yet, but I'm nervous to. I want to put a large strip of velcro on top and put a tuner on top in a very tight pedalboard. Anybody else have any heat problems?
  2. I'm running a helicon harmony g @ 12v and 300ma, a markbass compressore @ 12v and 300ma, a boss tu-2 and 3 simple boss pedals @ 9v and ?ma (sorry) on a daisy chain, and a Danelectro Daddy-o @ and ?ma (sorry!). I'm pretty sure I'm using the correct outputs and have the dip switches correctly switched.

    Anybody who owns this power supply think that it isn't safe to put velcro on top and strap the tuner on top?
  3. Bump since it was posted at 3am
  4. It's normal.
  5. Thanks. I did just realize that the tube Markbass Compressore runs at 600ma, which makes the Fuel Tank Chameleon yet again a fantastic value because of its current doubler, which I believe allows one of its outputs to pass 600ma vs 300ma. I didn't realize that the Markbass had this large power requirement when I purchased the power supply, and it all functions perfectly.

    Bravo, T-rex!
  6. So that brings up another question. Doesn't a Fuel Tank Chameleon only put out 300ma max per output? I think I was confused what a 'current doubler' was in my previous post. As I said, my MB is working great, but I am confused as to why.

    I know I shouldn't complain. :bag: but one day it'll stop working, I know it!
  7. Jeff Bonny

    Jeff Bonny

    Nov 20, 2000
    Vancouver, BC
    As has been said it's normal for it to run hot enough that velcro won't stick.

    I have no experience with the Compressore but to function correctly with the Fuel Tank my Eventide PitchFactor needs a current doubling cable that uses two 9v outlets. I assume it would work the same for 12v outlets. Have you A/B'd the stock Compressore wall wart with the Fuel tank to see if there's any audible difference?
  8. This thread may have gone stale, but I also have a Markbass Compressore and I'm considering picking up a Fuel Tank Chameleon to power my PT-Mini board. The A/B between running the compressore at 300mA versus 600mA (the minimum listed by Markbass) would be interesting.
  9. You need to use a normal daisy chain style cable running between two isolated outputs to double the current capacity. If it's getting HOT and not warm I'd suspect that is the problem.

    If OP's Compressore is running it probably runs a little lower than its rating and the TRex is probably a little more robust than its rating.

    Still I'd recommend using two outputs for the comp, even in a pseudo-zombie thread.
  10. It works. That advice is helpful too. I haven't noticed it being hot since either. I recommend the chameleon. I didn't realize I could double up on the amps either *noob*
  11. I got a new chameleon power supply with the current doubler cable and everything is working great! I've only used it for a few hours at a time, but I havn't noticed any heat issues with this tucked in a pedaltrain mini.