Tabs for part of Mudvayne- "Wold So Cold"

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  1. Hey guys.. I just can't catch exactly what Ryan is doing between 2:20 and 3:40. I've tried it many different ways, and I just can't get it. Help me out soon. Thanks a lot. :)
  2. TTT

    Anyone going to help?
  3. RedCoatMonster


    Aug 14, 2007
    Thomas, OK
    I got mine from ultimate guitar tbs or whatever and got the guitar pro ver2 one
    ssounds right to me.
  4. From what i have collected from different tabs its something like
    F ---------------------------------]
    C ---------------------------------]
    G ---------------------------------]
    C -0-15-0-14-15-14-12-0=12-0-6---]
    Then again but with a twist
    F ---------------------------------]
    C ---------------------------------]
    G -----------------------------5---]
    C -0-15-0-14-15-14-12-0=12-5----]
    = is a slide

    Sounds right to me *shrug