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Tacoma / Olympia Acoustic Bass Hardshell Case FS

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by Michael Vee, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. SOLD! On eBay.

    Brand new - in factory sealed box, never opened - Tacoma acoustic bass hardshell case.

    Fits Tacoma Thunderchief and Olympia 4 and 5 string acoustic basses. Would also fit any large, dreadnought size acoustic bass. This would be perfect for an Olympia owner, since they do not come with a case from the factory.

    I ordered this case to fit an Olympia bass I won on eBay that did not come with a case. However, the seller came through with a used case just before shipping it, and it was too late to cancel the order for the new case. So, this brand new case is surplus. These are fabulous, well made hard cases, with padded handles, topnotch case hardware, a BIG accessory compartment, and very plush lining! You can see from the photo how thick the case walls are, and the lining is very plush and thick also.

    Get this one now for the Tacoma direct price, instead of waiting! Fender/Tacoma is currently backordered on these cases, with up to a 90 day delay expected.

    Asking $110 - below the the factory price - plus actual shipping costs, which should be no more than $25 via UPS.

    Edit: Here is a picture of my USED case - not the one for sale, which is NEW in box, but otherwise the same.
  2. Is case brown or black? My Thunderchief came in a brown case, but there was a Thunderchief for sale on TB that had the OHSC and it was black.

    Thanks for your reply.

    In case anyone wonders, it will fit a Washburn AB90 from side to side snugly (the way you want it to fit), but is deeper than is needed for a thinline - but, a little cloth covered foam would cure that.

    The Tacoma cases are very nice.

  3. RJ - It is a black case.

    And I agree, the Tacoma cases are great! It's easily the best hard shell case I have. The used one I have is excellent. I love the hardware quality, and the lining is second-to-none.

    These big-bodied acoustic basses need a lot of protection when transporting, and these cases deliver!

    I also agree that this case can be used for a less-deep acoustic, with one or more foam blocks to hold it in place. It's better than many acoustic cases I've seen.
  4. My 2003 Tacoma Thundechief case is black.
  5. I had several requests for pics, so since I have a used Tacoma case that I'm using with the Olympia, I thought "why not!" and photographed it.

    The case for sale is still in the unopened box, and it's ready to go to a new home!
  6. Bump, lowered price.
  7. SOLD- On eBay.

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